New Pour Over Coffee for Iced Latte(s)

I know it has been forever since I have posted and even longer since I have posted about coffee. I have recently fallen back in love with my Nespresso and I purchased some more pods. I was surprised to find a pour over pod from Nespresso so I can make my beloved lattes for the summer.

Nespresso Pour Over Tropical Coconut Flavor POD
Nespresso Tropical Coconut Pour Over Pod

I was going to go to Starbucks, but I decided to try these pods out and see if I liked them. I do like them, but I do have suggestions. But before that I will tell you how I made it.

Making the Iced Lattes from pour over coffee pods

This goes without saying, but you will need the pod. They are actually quite cute and recyclable.

Tropical Coconut Flavor
Nespresso Pour Over Pods – Tropical Coconut Flavor

Where I purchased mine

I got mine off of the Nespresso website. I used to purchase all of my pods from Amazon but the variety is lacking on Amazon. Honestly, I would buy a three-pack for around $30.00, and on the Nespresso website if you spend $35.00 you get free shipping.

Additional items needed

Ice. Ice is very important. You don’t need special ice. It doesn’t have to be crushed. It is probably better if it isn’t.

I fill the glass half full or maybe a bit more with ice. Place it on the drip plate and press go. It is brewing hot, in case you didn’t know. The ice will crackle, which just sounds like summer to me. The brew looked fairly dark to me which kind of surprised me, I don’t know why.

But that part is done. If you like it like that then great. But I like the full latte experience that is just plain iced coffee to me.

Nespresso Pour Coffee Brew
Pour over Coffee Brew for Iced Latte

The froth

Who can resist the froth? Even if you aren’t the biggest fan of coffee, you have got to like the froth. Something about it just adds to the coffee. Sweet, but not too sweet. Just delicious.

It is very important that you put the frother on cold. You don’t want warm milk/cream on a cold latte. I use my Nespresso Frother for this as well.

Nespresso Frother
Nespresso Frother

Now I make my froth a bit different than most, you don’t have to make it this way. You could just throw some milk and a bit of cream in the frother. You are done.

My method of “milk” froth

I use caramel premier protein shake and a bit of creamer. Frothed that up and added it to the glass. Perfection. (Yes, I did say Premier protein shake. I have been working on losing weight and working out to gain muscle. I need protein powder (of some sort) to get the protein that I am supposed to get in a day to do that. There will be more on that later as well). But it is delicious if you have never tried them, you should.

Watch the deliciousness

Just watch the froth slide on down into the latte. You just know this is going to be good. Oh so good and refreshing.

Pour over coffee Latte
Iced Latte from Nespresso Pour over coffee pod

Suggestions for a better latte

I like mine a bit sweeter so if you are the same. My suggestion would be coconut syrup at the bottom. You can use the coffee syrups but the thick ice cream or drink mix syrup is really where it is at. Put it at the bottom and then add the ice and start brewing. It will have the best flavor. You can use caramel syrup as well if that is what you have. It will taste more like the Starbucks lattes but it will have a rich coffee flavor.

Better than Starbucks, you can make it the way you like it. If you want to change something up, you do it. It doesn’t take long and you can have it any time you want.


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