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Repairing Thinning Hair

My hair started thinning quite a few years ago, however, it has come back almost in full. I do have a thinner area near the crown. My hair may never come back in full (pictures at the end of the post), but it has come back enough that it doesn’t bother me. I have been working on repairing my hair since it started thinning. It has only been in the last year or so that it has come back and I have found a few things that have worked so I thought I would share.

Hair Shampoo Brush also scalp massage brush

I really think this has been very helpful in repairing my thinning hair. My hair has been getting thicker since I started using this to shampoo my hair. It massages my scalp. I believe it is cleaning my scalp better, which may be the thing that is helping my hair. Or it may be that it is massaging my scalp and increasing the blood flow. Either way, it is working for me.

I also use it to spread the conditioner through my hair evenly. I used to use a wide comb, but this is gentler on my hair than even that and cleans up really well.

The Ordinary Hair Serum

I don’t use it all of the time anymore. I was using it every other night for about a year. Now I use it once a week. I have a post that goes into a lot more detail on this product if you are interested. Be careful with how much of this product you use. A little goes a very long way when you have thinning hair. It can weigh down thin hair and make it look greasy, which then makes it look thinner. Use it at night only and rub, rub, rub it into your hair and scalp.

For the massaging of this product into your scalp you could use the massager, above, it works really great to massage this product into your scalp.

The Ordinary Hair Density Serum
The Ordinary Hair Density Serum

This product can be found at Ulta or Sephora for $17.90 for 2 oz, which really is a great price. It will last a long time because you are only using a tiny bit every night or every other night.

Shampoo and Conditioner

I have my favorites, of course, but to tell you the truth nothing has had an effect on the thinning hair, that I can tell and I have tried a ton. I would buy whatever works best to help the condition of your hair depending on what your hair needs. Your scalp would be a different issue, so I would be sure to use a shampoo from time to time that really cleanses the scalp as well. I have a post on an affordable scalp cleansing shampoo product (it is actually a dupe for a high-end, almost cult favorite).

Scalp health is important for repairing your thinning hair and all of the suggestions in this post help with that as well.

Vitamins or supplements

Vitamin D

There have been some vitamins that I believe have had an effect on my thinning hair. Vitamin D is one of them. I did have a blood test and I was very low on Vitamin D. It was in the 14 range, which isn’t great for a lot of things in the body. I take a 2000 mg pill every day with food. It did seem to help, but of course, I was deficient. However, it has been stated in many new reports that Americans, in general, are deficient in Vitamin D. So making sure you are getting an adequate amount of all vitamins, is important. (No, my lack of Vitamin D was not Covid related).


I am not positive that Biotin has had an effect on repairing my thinning hair. It may be working on my hair. Biotin is supposed to do that and a lot of people swear by it. I have Biotin in my daily vitamin supplement, so I am getting some Biotin every day. I haven’t seen a change with adding a supplement with more Biotin.


I have seen a big change with taking collagen. So I will probably continue to take this for the rest of my life. If it helps with the thinning of my hair then why not? It isn’t expensive and it can be found everywhere.

Quite a few people believe that taking a collagen supplement every day prevents loss of collagen as you age. I will look into studies on this for future posts.

Hair, Skin and Nails Supplements on thinning hair

These are one’s that I have tried and they seem to work well. If you like gummy vitamins these would be a good one to try. These Hair, Skin & Nail Gummies are $7.29 for 80 ct and you take 2 a day. They will last a month and a half if you are like me and take them almost every day but might miss a day here and there.

The Youtheory Collagen Tablets are the ones that I am currently taking and I am having the same results as with the gummies. My hair is getting stronger and thicker. These have much more collagen than the gummies did, but they don’t have any biotin. I get biotin from my regular daily vitamin and as I stated, so I don’t see any difference between these or the vitamins with the biotin.

The dosage on this is 6 pills per day. I am not going to take 6 collagen pills per day. If I was really balding…..maybe. I can’t say for sure because hair is very important and you would do almost anything to repair your thinning hair. Luckily for me, I am doing well with only taking 1 per day. That is 1000mg and that is more collagen than I was getting with my other supplements.

Other factors

Yes, there are other things that may be contributing to the health of my hair and perhaps slightly to the thickening of my hair. Those things may be the conditioning mask (I use as a regular conditioner) quite often. The Olaplex treatment that I am currently using, more on this later in a coming up post. However, I would think these things have contributed more to the condition of my hair, not the repairing of my thinning hair. Although, you want your hair to be in good condition as well. Repairing thinning of your hair and Repairing the condition of your hair are two different things in my book.

So if you are needing to repair your thinning hair, I would start with the scalp brush. It really is amazing the difference it makes in your scalp. I think those little silicone tips just get to where you can’t on your scalp and increase the blood flow. Good hair serum(s) can do wonders. A supplement for the inside, out. These items have helped with my thinning hair and I hope it helps you as well.

Thinning Hair progression

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