Affordable classic clothing haul Spring 2021

I decided it was time to buy some basic or classic 2021 affordable clothing. So, here is my haul. I hope you like it and perhaps get some ideas to inspire you to spring in a new look for this year. (Okay, that was cheesy, but you understand).

My decision for this haul of affordable classic clothing was based on it being a very long winter, in my opinion. Covid has restricted almost every activity and restricted funds for so many people. Besides, everyone enjoys getting something new it just lifts your spirits.

This affordable classic clothing haul may also work for a capsule wardrobe

So, I purchased items that were affordable and would also go with some things I already had in my closet. You could make this into a capsule wardrobe. It would work perfectly for that as well. I plan on adding more items to make more looks for the fall. I really think a lot of these items can work for the Spring or Fall. So you are really spreading out your dollar and still looking classy. (I am not a professional at pictures, obviously, so bare with me) and I will try to link almost everything that I purchased where I can.

The Affordable Classics in Clothing

The classics are items that you can mix and match with anything and come up with some great looks. Saves money and you still look good and put together. Some of those classics will last a very long time if taken care of, like these blazers. We all have things in our wardrobe that we have had forever and still look brand new. Linen or denim shirts can last a very long time in your wardrobe and never seem to go out of style. T-shirts would be a different story, they can last a long time but they do tend to start looking worn after a bit. Those you would have to change out fairly often to keep looking well put together.


I am not a style guru and I don’t claim to be at all. You may know all of the ins and outs of every fabric, I don’t. I just know what I like. Sewing isn’t a thing for me, I do own a sewing machine so I can do a few things. So I get inspiration from Pinterest, higher-end clothing websites and I even watched a few designer fashion shows this year. Those things gave me some good ideas for what I liked and how I wanted to put it together. Then I set out to find things in my budget that looked like the high-end items I was seeing or just looked like the outfits that I wanted to wear.

Places I purchased from

  • TJ Maxx (I actually went into the store on this one)
  • Banana Republic Factory (They were having 50% friends and family but they are still having a sale now)
  • Gap Factory (Same for them)
  • H & M (they sell out of things quickly)
  • 6pm (love this site for shoes and athletic wear, but you can look for a designer that you like)
  • Target
  • Famous Footwear (clearance)
  • Maurices (sale prices)

Pink oversized Blazer looks

This is the blazer that started the Classic Affordable Clothing Haul. I saw it and had to get it.

If you like Blazers and jackets you will be so happy with this post. Most of the looks are centered around Blazers or Jackets for the Spring because Spring in the Rocky Mountains is not so warm. If the day turns out to be warm, I can just remove the Blazer or Jacket and I still look put together.

Pink Oversized blazer is from H&M $54.99 but it looks like they are sold out, but they have some that are similar – H&M double-breasted jacket $49.99.

What is affordable to you?

I am sure there are some people that are going to state that is not affordable (I know there is a lot of people on tight budgets right now with the covid environment), but you will be wearing this Classic for a long time. You can wear it all spring and summer (see below). It is completely lined and it will look great in winter too. It is great quality so it isn’t cheaply made. Most blazers that I saw that were comparable on other websites were $119.00 on the low side.

L – TJ Maxx soft black T ($8.00), H&M black skinny jeans TJ Maxx (Liz Claiborne White pants (clearance) $10.00, ($9.99), 6pm Fergieous Grommet shoes (but purchase last Gap basic white T -$5.99, shoes shown were purchased fall on clearance on 6pm for around $20.00) a while ago and I don’t remember where

Mixing and matching

Of course, you can also mix these up with denim blue jeans, long-sleeved shirts, short sleeves shirts, halter tops, tank tops, sneakers, slip ons. You can easily pair it with so many things that you already have in your closet. This could easily elevate your spring look and give you a little lift if this is all you buy.

It really did lift my spirits when I wore it recently, I got so many compliments. I also wore it with most of the items in the first picture (L) but I swapped out the black shirt for a long-sleeved white one from target and wore suede black lace-up boots. It was stylish but appropriate for the cold spring day.

Adding in the trends to your affordable classic wardrobe

You could also wear it will one of the trendy tie-dye shirts that are everywhere. I think this would be great with it for a more casual look and then you could wear white shorts with it for the summer. OR add heels and it would be a very classy look as well. This shirt (below) on the Target Website was only $8.00 and they had tons of colors. I love the idea of mixing trends with classics.

Close ups of different pairing items:

Guess High heel open toe cross pattern black high heels (I got this a bit ago on 6pm) and Target “A new day” open toe buckle sandal, either one of these could be swapped in and make this outfits look great.

Light Beige lined Blazer (another affordable classic)

Blazer in the pictures above:

Shawl collar pulled sleeve lined Beige Blazer $49.99, I like this Blazer because it can go with almost anything. It is also lined and it has the scrunned sleeves. This is a beautiful example of affordable classic clothing that you can have in your wardrobe for a very long time. Below are more close up pictures of this blazer.

You could put together a neutral outfit that would look really nice for the spring. It seems that a lot of people are really liking the head to toe neutral looks.

It would also look great for the fall and probably winter really.

I paired these with some new halter tops that I purchased from H&M, Ribbed Halter Tops were $5.99 and these go great under the Linen White Shirt that I bought as part of the classic affordable clothing haul. This would go great with a basic white T-shirt also shown as part of this haul. This blazer could be worn with almost any type of neutral shoe. White sneakers with white jeans would be a super cute look.

Additional neutral shoes

Affordable classic shoes because a wardrobe has to have them

These are just shoes in my wardrobe that would work with the new classic affordable 2021 clothing that I purchased. Yes, I like Fergie shoes because they are very comfortable to wear. Also, I find them and some of the others on the 6pm website or Famous Footwear clearance. In fact, the pair of shoes that are picture in the Light Beige Blazer outfit (1 or on the Left) are some very soft leather heels sandals by Franco Sarto that I purchased on clearance at Famous Footwear. So you can get some pretty good deals on there.

Classic Affordable basic additions

I also purchased this Striped Light sweater from Banana Republic Factory for $18.50 (but they are out now and I can’t find one in the price range again. (I have seen some similar on the H&M so I will keep watching). This one is so soft but it is pretty thin. That is perfect for spring and perhaps, a chilly summer day. It would be ideal under a blazer. I also plan on wearing it on a warmer spring day without the blazer with dark blue pants with these new shoes.

I purchased these LifeStride Light Beige Pumps with a kitten heel from Famous Footwear for $25.98. There were on clearance and they are so comfortable. I didn’t have anything with a kitten heel so I decided to get them. They will also look great with some neutral slacks and the pointed toe just looks classy. Even with jeans, these shoes would look great.

Dress from H&M –

I love this beautiful H&M Olive Green Slip Dress for $34.99 but once again they are out. I did find something similar from H&M for $33.99. (see below). (Also the spot on the dress is from my steamer. It dried quickly and didn’t leave any mark on the fabric).

I really do love the color and the fabric is beautiful. The dimension on this fabric is so pretty. It will go with neutrals beautifully. Including those shoes above. Also, I came up with several ways to wear it (see below).

Here is the dress that I found that was similar and so pretty as well. I am not sure which one I like better to tell you the truth. Both add so much to this affordable classic clothing haul.

Wrap-detail Satin Dress, image by H&M

Different looks with the same classic affordable clothing items

1st – is a linen shirt that I picked up in this 2021 Classic Clothing haul, from H&M for $24.99 and the best part is it will go great with any blazer or jacket as well. It would also go well with almost anything in your wardrobe. You could also pair it with one of the ribbed tank tops if you are going to wear it on its own. It is linen and white so it may show your bra, etc.

2nd – I paired it with the simple basic white T from Gap. 3rd – is a Beige tie shirt that I got at TJ Maxx for $9.00 it is very light so it would also go well with the light beige blazer. Also, I just saw some really cute linen shorts on H&M that would go great with this shirt. 4th – White Target Long-sleeved Shirt. Target has some great shirts like this all of the time with some great prices. This shirt was $8.00 and so comfortable. It could also be purchased instead of the linen shirt if you don’t want too many white shirts in your classic wardrobe.

H&M Olive Dress with Macy's leather Jacket
H&M Olive Dress with Macy’s leather Jacket

I didn’t purchase this Jacket in this affordable classic Spring Wardrobe haul but I did purchase another biker style jacket (more on that in another post). This is just one that my daughter had left at my home, but I think it looks perfect with this dress. It just shows how great mixing a biker kind of style jacket can go so well with a satin dress and still make you look put together and sheek, in my opinion. And it also gives you more options in your color of shoes.

Skirt (if you don’t like dresses)

If you don’t like dresses you can just get a skirt. This skirt gives me a Rosie Huntington-Whiteley vibe. All you need is the square toe sandals. I think this would go so pretty with so many skin tones. The tone of this olive color would put it more in the neutral category in my book. That way, you can pair it will a lot of things, as already noted on some above.

Amazon military style Blazer

I got this Black Military Style Blazer from Amazon for $40.00. This is the first item of clothing that I have purchased from Amazon. I couldn’t find anything in a Military Style jacket that I liked that was under $85.00 and I didn’t really want to pay that, I was trying to purchase affordable clothing. I love the buttons on this jacket/blazer and I can’t be more pleased with the fit. It is also lined and I wore it already with the straw-colored shirt shown above. This shirt added color to my affordable clothing haul for a minimum amount of money. Even though I was going for a more neutral pairing of items for these classics, sometimes you just have to get a small pop of color in there.

As you can see you can pair it with most of the other shirts and pants mentioned in this affordable classics haul or many things you may already have to create that capsule wardrobe you are wanting to start. The style of this jacket has never gone out of style so it is definitely a capsule piece.

Olive Green Military (sort of) jacket

I will try to find an olive green jacket such as this on Amazon. Maurices is all out. This is not a lined jacket it is a fairly light fabric with some nice detail stitching and detailed buttons. It does go well with all of the classic pieces purchased in this haul as well. I also purchased a cold shoulder navy “trendy” shirt. It can be worn under most of the blazers to add more looks to the “capsule” wardrobe. I just like to change it up a bit. I also like the Maurices Denim Flex Skinny Jeans (they reminded me of more expensive-looking jeans and they are very comfortable). Maurices was having a jeans sale for $14.99 and I couldn’t resist.

Links of some of the classic items:

Hopefully, this gave you some ideas of classic items to have in your affordable clothing wardrobe, and I hope they were all within your budget. I will be adding some more pieces in the coming up posts. If you are building a capsule wardrobe that may be something you would be interested in. I will try and keep everything at a reasonable price because I am on a budget too.

Makeup looks

Can you imagine all of the light makeup looks you could do with these beautiful affordable classy clothes spring haul? These are all great makeup items and are pretty simple and beautiful to elevate your look.


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