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Cream Blush for mature skin

Kiko Milano cream blush

I think cream blush is underrated for mature skin especially. The selection is far less than for other blushes, which is a good and bad thing. Good in that you don’t have too much to debate as far as color choices. Bad as in there isn’t a lot of choice as in finding which one will work with your skin type.

I used to use Nyx cream blush (which they don’t make anymore), but I stopped using it because it got kind of dirty with my bronzer. It was in a normal blush compact and it would get messy around the edges as well. Otherwise, it was a great product.

So I decided I need to use cream blush again. My blush wasn’t lasting as long and it just wasn’t looking as good as I wanted it to look. I think we all have times when we just see our aging in a different way. The skin is just changing very slightly and I did notice something. Not sure what it was, but it just wasn’t looking like it use to with the blush on my face.

Cream blush for mature skin

Cream blush is great for mature skin. Mature skin seems to be drier than younger skin and doesn’t keep the moisture as well. Especially if you use Retin-A or other retinol products. Those types of products are great for the skin but can be drying on the face. Leaving you with drier skin or dry spots.

Cream products are easier to blend out over areas that may be dry and stick less to those dry spots. It looks natural like the color you had when you were younger. Cream products under powder products make your other products last longer. Even if you have an oily type of skin I wouldn’t be afraid of using a cream blush. I used to have this skin type until I started using Retin-A and I didn’t have a problem with using cream products (if they weren’t overly creamy).

Trying out a cream blush stick

Nudestix Blush images by brand

I tried my friends Nudestik Blush in Cherry Blossom Babe. I believe I used it every day for about a week. I really liked it. It is creamy and natural-looking on the skin. It lasted with my powder blush all day and I thought it looked beautiful. I applied it will a small stippling brush. Nudestik is available at Ulta for $32.00.

I wanted to find something that was a drugstore product with great pigment but at a better price point. Of course, if I couldn’t find it I was going to pick up the Nudestik or perhaps the NARs Blush stick in Orgasm ($39.00). I didn’t have to go that route, I did find it.

Cream blush, the search

I was also looking for a pigmented blush, not a stain. I didn’t want a stain, I have trouble getting those off. Okay, I know that is supposed to be the point but I want to be able to take it off. I know some people like having some color thereafter they take off their makeup. I am not one of them. In my opinion, stains or gels take a bit of work to get the application down. I want my blush to look natural. I don’t want it to be the only thing someone remembers about me.

The options

I looked at all of the above blush sticks and I would have gotten anyone of them. They all had great reviews and all had some great qualities about them. They ranged in price from $10.00 to $14.00. If you want a bit of sparkle in your blush, Revlon and the Julep would be great.

Kiko Milano

Ultimately, I got a brand that I didn’t know a lot about, KIKO Milano. Kiko Milano is a brand that is made in Italy. I have always heard great things about this brand. They are a cruelty-free brand. To be honest, I wanted to try out this brand before now, so this is a perfect time. Another thing is I could get it at a drugstore (Walmart) or Amazon.

KIKO Milano states it is a velvet touch creamy stick blush. I would agree. It is creamy but not too creamy. It is a pigmented blush and so easy to apply for a natural look. Just want I wanted.

Cream blush for mature skin
Cream blush for mature skin

(No that is not my hair in the blush, that is a hair from the blush brush. I just thought it showed the texture of the cream of the blush so I didn’t remove it for this picture),

Combining cream with powder

Combining cream with powder makes the products last for a very long time on the face. I will still have the blush on my face until I take it off at night. It isn’t as bright as it was when I first put it on, but I am okay with that. I don’t use a primer on my face if I did it would probably be the same as when I first applied it.

Micro layers of these products will not make your makeup cakey. I use the Kiko Milano cream blush with the brush (shown above). I stipple it on and then blend out a bit. Then I apply my powder blush on top. I usually use it with my Milani blush in Tea Rose. Most blushes would work with this cream blush actually because it is more of a universal color. It also works beautifully with Makeup Geek Blush in Rendevous (which has a bit of sparkle in it). I got the Kiko Cream Blush in 07 Natural Rose and it was $12.00 on Amazon.

cream stick blush with Makeup Geek Blush

Other combinations of color

I saved so much money on it compared to the higher end brand, I could get another one in Camelia Red (05) to go with my Nars Orgasm Blush or The Balm in Hot Mama. Or maybe the Coral Rose (03)/Golden Peach (02) to go with Milani Blush in Luminoso. So many possibilities.

My daughters are rolling their eyes right now if they are reading this post. They think I have enough. I just love color. Color in everything. I like swatching and trying colors together. Not that I wear them all of the time.

Cream blush and powder blush is a beautiful combo on mature skin or even the cream blush alone. If you haven’t tried cream blush, I would suggest that you try it. This cream blush would be a great one to try or one of the others suggested. My hope would be that you would see how great it works with mature skin of all types.

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