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Sulfur for acne for mature skin

Sulfur for acne

Sulfur is a natural mineral which when applied topically can disinfect the skin, dry out blemishes, promote exfoliation, and declog the dead skin and debris out of the pores. It is a great ingredient for hormonal acne in mature skin as well.

Sulfur has proven to help with diminishing a blemish in a timely manner.

It has actually proven quite essential for me recently when I got a blemish under a small scar that I have on my face. Nothing would penetrate the blemish underneath that dang scar. Also, I think I am experiencing puberty for the third time. (Hormones, they never stop).

AcneFree Therapeutic Sulfur Mask

AcneFree Sulfur Mask with Vitamin C and Copper
AcneFree Therapeutic Sulfur Mask

So I went old school and got out the Acnefree Sulfur Mask from the cupboard. The problem was it was old. It had sat there too long. I was quite disappointed.

I went shopping and couldn’t find this sulfur mask anywhere. It made it even more disappointing because this mask is a great acne treatment. If you look at the label, you will see that it contains Vitamin C and Copper. If you want to know how great copper is for the skin and how well Vitamin C and Copper go together, click on the links.

This mask also changes color so you know that your skin has absorbed it. Does your acne cream do that? I did order this, but I had to order it on Amazon. It is about $14.00, not a bad price and it works. I needed something quicker than getting it here from Amazon. So….

Bye Bye Blemish Dying Lotion (Sulfur)

I decided then I had to go to my old go-to, Bye Bye Blemish. I started using this product when I was looking for an alternative to Mario Badescu. Mario’s is $17.00 for an ounce and Bye Bye Blemish is $9.07 appx. for an ounce. Much more cost-effective and I have had the same results with the Bye Bye Blemish.

Sulfur my old friend to the rescue, it worked.

If you decide to use this blemish spot treatment, Don’t Shake It Up. Even though, it looks like you need to shake it up. Take a Qtip or cotton bud and dip it down into the pink part of the product. Then apply on your skin. It should really be applied at night because it needs to dry on the skin and you really don’t want to go around with pink spots on your face.

It does smell like the lotion that you put on chicken pocks or poison ivy. That is because it contains calamine lotion, that is the pink part of the drying solution.

High end brands containing Sulfur

High-end brands such as Kate Sommerville, Peter Thomas Roth, Sunday Riley, etc., have several products in their lines that contain sulfur. Why shouldn’t they? It is a proven ingredient and it isn’t expensive. Best of all this ingredient works.

Price Range

Sulfur can be found in products in all price ranges. That is my favorite thing, good ingredients that come in products that everyone can use for great skincare. These drug store brands, Acnefree and Bye Bye Blemish aren’t the only drug store brands that contain sulfur, but so far these are the ones with sulfur that have worked for me. I hope they do the same for you.

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