Products used up in the first half of 2020

I am on a mission this year, to use up some of my beauty products. So, how have I done so far in 2020? Not bad but not great either. I tend to jump around with my products. My skin can be doing great for a week and then needs something else the next week or I will have an allergic reaction to something and have to stop using it altogether.

That happened last week, I was trying an NYX vivid eyeshadow and an NYX slide-on pencil. Not sure which one it was or just because it is hay fever season. My eyes can get so sensitive. I will try them both again separately though to see what the deal is, but that is why using things up can become a problem.

Clinique Moisture Surge

Clinique Moisture Surge (products I used up in the first half of 2020)
Clinique Moisture Surge (used
completely up)

I did use up my Clinique Moisture Surge. I do love this stuff. I know it is not the first one of these I have gone through. However, I am very proud of myself because I have so many lightweight moisturizing gels that I like. This one I think is my favorite of all time. It is a classic. I have already purchased a new one in a smaller size. I chose the smaller size just because I really need to use up all of my others as well.

Hada Labo

Hada Labo Tokyo Gel Cream
Hada Labo Tokyo Gel Cream

I actually threw away my Hada Labo Tokyo Gel Cream because it was getting old and I wasn’t using it. I would have used it but it did contain an ingredient that is one on the list of most irritating ingredients for skincare. I just couldn’t get that out of my head even though I had had no problems with using it. It is a wonderful plumping gel if it wasn’t for that ingredient. If I found out they aren’t formulating it with that ingredient, I will let everyone know and I will use it again.

Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm

Clinique Take the day off cleansing balm was also a product that I used all the way up. Not even a smear left. I do have a back up of that also. I just love this one because it just feels so smooth on the skin. It melts away all makeup (even waterproof mascara) and turns into a milky film that rinses away clean. yes to coconuts is a great drugstore alternative but it is a bit thicker. The ingredients in it are wonderful for a cleansing balm and I am trying to get through that one too.

The Ordinary Glycolic Toner

I used up one of The Ordinary Glycolic Toner as well. I really do like this toner, it is such a great value. It didn’t help with my clearing up of beauty products however because I purchased another one of these as well. I just don’t want to be without it. I am afraid I am going to end up with 3 toners on hand at all times, The Ordinary, The Versed, and the ELF.


RapidLash (products I used up in the first half of 2020)
(Products I used up in the first half of 2020 and did repurchase)

I do like this eyelash serum. When I use it on a regular bases it does improve my lashes quite a bit. They are fuller and longer after a while of using it. I had falling off the wagon on it for a while and then I noticed that my eyelashes were thinner and just didn’t look as good. So I started on my mascara journey. I thought I could find the perfect mascara. I am still on the hunt so I decided to just get me some more Rapidlash.

Urban Decay eyeliner in Zero (Makeup Forever pencil)

Urban Decay Glide On Eyeliner
Urban Decay Glide On Eyeliner

I went through another UD eyeliner in zero and I did purchase a Makeup Forever pencil to replace it. I just love Urban Decay eyeliners I have used them for forever. If you get them right under your lashes, they make your lashes look thicker and add definition to your eye without looking like you have “eyeliner” on. They don’t transfer on me if I get them right up close on that lash line. Now, if I tight line, they usually don’t either. However, I have noticed lately when I tight line that they have transferred just a little bit. I think it is from my hay fever and my eyes watering quite a bit.

Throw outs in the first half of the year 2020

Eyeshadows, Lipsticks, mascaras

I threw out eyeshadows I will never wear. Lipsticks were the next to go on that list. If I am not going to wear them it is time for them to go. I threw out three mascaras, Tarte, L’oreal and Benefit. Luckily, I have a million more mascaras. I am going through them for a blog post.

The Ordinary EUK

The Ordinary EUK was also thrown out. Not that it is a bad product, quite the opposite. The problem I have with it was that I had a hard time finding a place for it in my routine. It doesn’t play well with others. So many others, that I have to use it alone most of the time and I just got tired of trying to find things it would go with for my skin care. I did use it for almost a year. So I gave it my best shot.

To the rest of the skincare junkies out there, I hope you go through a lot of products this year and find some worth repurchasing.


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