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There isn’t much new and exciting out there. Covid-19 made moving new products come to almost a standstill. It is sort of disappointing because Loreal is trying to engage the over 40 market because they have determined that people in that age group have started spending 25 to 30% less on beauty overall. So, I was interested in what they would come up with and if it was just marketing hype or some interesting products.

Loreal is part of the Estee Lauer family group. Along with Becca, Bumble and Bumble, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Glam Glow, La Mer, MAC, and Smashbox to name a few. So, it would be interesting to see what they add to the market. As of right now, I haven’t seen anything released for this purpose.

But you can always count on Urban Decay for something new.

Urban Decay

What was released was, a new Urban Decay Makeup Palette. I do like Urban Decay. Urban Decay Eyeliner pencils are among my favorites. They stay on the longest for me and they don’t tug. I also like the Urban Decay Palettes, like so many people out there. They also stay for a long time for me and I don’t have an allergic reaction. I use them with Milani eye primer or Urban Decay Primer Potion. I don’t have to, but I do have oily eyelids so I don’t like the creasing that can happen.

Ultraviolet Purple

All Urban Decay Palettes have a theme or color group. This theme is pretty purple. Purple is my sister’s favorite color and the colors look fabulous with green and brown eyes. This palette would probably work very well with my hazel eyes, so I am intrigued. It will be available on July 4 at Ulta. It is called the Urban Decay Naked Ultraviolet Eyeshadow Palette.

Naked Urban Decay Ultraviolet (purple passion palette)
Naked Urban Decay Ultraviolet – image by brand
Naked Urban Decay Ultraviolet swatches
Naked Urban Decay Ultraviolet swatches – image by brand

This really is a pretty collection of eye shadows, I can’t help but call it the Purple passion palette.

Do you need this palette? I don’t know, how well do you like purple? Do you have these colors in your collection already? I may have something very similar to the first 5 in my collection, to be honest. Some appear to have a bit of a duo-chrome effect on the arm swatches. They are beautiful.

Swatches from other brands

Mainly Nyx and Juvia's place eyeshadows
Hand swatches, nyx and juvia’s place

I just decided to start swatching eyeshadows on my hands. I couldn’t find all of my eyeshadow palettes, so I just grabbed a few. Most are from the Nyx eyeshadow singles, the top row is all Nyx. The bottom row on the left is Milani Bella, Nyx, Juvia’s Place and the last one is another Nyx single eyeshadow. So I have a few that would probably work. (I think the two green ones are dupes. One from Juvia’s Place and one from Nyx)

These swatches aren’t all in the same palette though and if you really like these colors, it might be best to just grab the palette. It isn’t a bad value. 12 great colors for $49.00.

If you don’t want to pay that much, you could probably just wait and there will be a dupe palette out soon. There always is. I think Urban Decay palettes are probably the most duped palettes ever. You do have to watch out for those dupe palettes if you have allergic reactions. Always get them from a source that you trust.

I do love pretty eyeshadow colors that is why I have so many Urban Decay Palettes. If you decide to get this one, you might want to check the reviews. Some people like Urban Decay and some people don’t.

If you have other Urban Decay palettes you already know what you are getting. Urban Decay’s honey palette came out with at Christmas time was a golden eyeshadow palette. They even came out with minis for that one. I hope they do with this one, I might get it for my sister.

Don’t forget if there is a color you really can’t live without and you don’t have a dupe for it. Urban Decay has singles as well. Happy hunting!

UPDATE: I have decided to get it. I can’t wait to do some looks with this palette.

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