Bare Minerals, Makeup Revolution and Juvia's Place Stick Foundations

Stick Foundations are becoming more popular because they are quick and easy. You can take some of them anywhere and apply them with a brush or a sponge. The first one I tried, Hourglass, I really liked. The price per ounce was quite expensive compared to even some of my high-end foundations. So, I didn’t continue. I wear it almost every day and you can go through it quickly. I loved the NYX Mineral Stick Foundation and if they ever bring that back, I will be the first in line believe me.

Bare Minerals Foundation Stick

I did decide that I wanted to try some mineral makeup again when my skin was having some issues a while back. So I decided to try, Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Hydrating Foundation Stick. It is $32.00 for .35 oz, so yes, it isn’t as inexpensive as some others. Have you seen the prices on mineral makeup? This is about the average price. I have it in the color number 6 ginger which is perfect for the late spring/early summer depending on how tan I get.

Bare Mineral Complexion Rescue Hydrating Foundation Stick
Complexion Rescue Hydrating Foundation Stick

Can you see how creamy this foundation is? It isn’t one that I would carry with me in my purse for the summer. This would melt like a popsicle on a hot day. The texture isn’t a problem when applying this foundation. It glides on with ease and blends so easily. It is more of a light foundation. Not as pigmented as some I have tried. However, your skin looks like makeup no-makeup look without even trying. Or you could call it your skin but better look.

Close ups of product on skin

The first photo is of me straight out of the shower with no makeup, no serum, no nothing, and very close up. I don’t know how to use filters, so none of those. Keep in mind, I am going to be fifty next year.

The second is of me with Revolution Foundation stick applied under the eyes, because it is a bit lighter and brightens up the area under my eyes. I did use a lip balm (no color) and I did apply my eye drops (which they must have been a bit wet still because the camera picked up on that. I never said I was great with selfies or pictures for that matter). The rest of my face I have applied Bare Minerals in Ginger. I applied right out the tubes (I am the only one using it) and I used a brush for application. It was so quick. So if you want to get out the door quick with a light foundation, here it is.

Staying power

If you are wondering about it lasting all day. It does. I haven’t had trouble with it staying on at all. Sometimes, I powder sometimes, I don’t. Primer occasionally, if I feel like it. I don’t see a difference with this foundation at all. My skin type is normal with an oily T-zone. I have rosacea so I do have rosier cheeks. This is only one layer of the foundation application. You can build it up a bit. I haven’t found that it really makes too much of a change with more layers. However, I have only applied two layers in the past, not any more than that.

Makeup Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation

Makeup Revolution London Foundation Stick
Stick Foundation
Makeup Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation

This is a very affordable foundation stick, Makeup Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation. It is $9.00 for .21 oz which still is relatively expensive if you consider that most foundations are a full 1 oz. It is right in line with what my beloved Nyx Mineral foundation was in the past. So, I would think this is probably the best price point to get in a stick foundation.

This isn’t as creamy as the Bare Minerals, but it still goes on very smoothly with the heat from your skin. Its staying power under my eyes is right up there with a high-end concealer. I haven’t used it all over my face because it is the wrong color right now and it might be the wrong color in the winter. If it is I plan on getting another color and trying it out all over my face, but for now, I will use it for the undereye area.

I do powder under my eyes so I don’t know if it does better without powder or not. It also doesn’t cake on me. The foundation wasn’t disturbed with my eye drops which makes it a plus. I could pop this one into my purse and take it with me. It isn’t as creamy so I don’t believe that it would melt as easily. Of course, I wouldn’t leave it in a hot car for an instant. However, if you were running around all day long and wanted to keep it in your purse for touch up(s), it probably wouldn’t be a problem.

Nice stick foundation if you are looking for one with a reasonable price point. It doesn’t come in as many foundation colors as I would like. I got it in F6 for me and F4 for my daughter. It will work for her in the winter, but I believe I should have gotten F7 for the winter for me. Not, that the F6 won’t work in the winter, but I believe the undertone may be wrong.

Juvia’s Place

Juvia's Place Shade Stick Foundation - Stick Foundations
Juvia’s Place Shade Stick Foundation

There is quite a bit of talk right now about supporting black brand owners and products. I have always supported this brand and others just for their great products. However, if you haven’t. Then this is a great brand to look at because all of the products that I have tried have been well worth it. I have only tried their foundations and their eye shadows. All very pigmented and the lasting power is some of the best I have found.

Juvia's Place Stick Foundation - Stick Foundations
Juvia’s Place Stick Foundation in Belize

This foundation is a bit more pigmented than the other foundation sticks that are here. But only by a pinch. It is still light coverage, but it is very buildable. I made the above picture I bit bigger so you could hopefully see that this is a creamy product as well. Although not as creamy as the Bare Minerals, still one you could throw in your purse for touch-ups during the day.

This foundation is a bit dark for me right now, which is why I didn’t show pictures of me wearing it. The shade is Belize, but by the end of the summer, I will be wearing it all of the time. Juvia’s Place Stick Foundations have a good number of shades. You could get a darker shade of one of these foundations and use it as a contour. The tones in this range are beautiful.

Juvia’s Place Shade Stick Foundation is $16.00 for .34 oz, not more expensive than the Bare Minerals. However, the Bare Minerals product is a mineral foundation and all of those seem to have a higher price tag.

So, between the other two, I am not sure which one I would choose. Either one would be a great stick foundation. All three are beautiful products.

Swatches of the Stick Foundations are all creamy and blend well. On the Left is Makeup Revolution F6 and F4. Juvia’s Place in Belize and far-right is Bare Minerals in Ginger.


They all have similar packaging but I think that the basic shape is just because it is a stick foundation. I am not sure how else it would be packaged. The make of the type of package is just a bit different from each other. Bare Minerals in a lightweight aluminum or metal casing. Makeup Revolution is a combination of plastic and metal. Juvia’s Place is straight-up plastic.

If you haven’t tried a stick foundation, you may want to. They do look beautiful on the skin and are pretty much fool proof as application goes.

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