Morphe M444 brush

The first time I saw this brush in my sister’s bag, I thought, “I have to get that brush”. It would be perfect to blend in my stick foundations into my skin.

Morphe M444 brush
Morphe M444 Makeup brush

Rotation through foundation brushes

I have a lot of makeup brushes. What can I say I use them. Some for powders, some for liquids or creams. You know the drill.

Some are for the same time of thing, but they all get dirty. So, when I am washing some of the dirty ones. I use the other ones, so most are in constant rotation. I rotate through my foundation brushes quite quickly. They just get dirty faster. It is the nature of the beast.

That is why I have brushes from Real Techniques, Sonja Kashuk, IT cosmetics, and ELF cosmetics. Those are the main brands of brushes in my collection. But there are others sprinkled in there. Target brand UP and UP had some great brushes, but they don’t make them anymore. I wish they did. I have had those brushes for about 14 years now. Those are some tough brushes.

Morphe M444 brush

The Morphe M444 brush is so soft and big so it can blend a very large area and quickly. It does feel nice on the face. It is a bit big to carry in my purse makeup bag. So you know it isn’t being bumped around in the purse at any time.

The problem that I had with the brush is that after cleaning part of it indented. I didn’t really even notice it so I don’t know if it happened right after cleaning or when I put pressure on it when I was blending in my foundation. You can see that foundation was only blending in on the top bristles of the brush.

Morphe 444 Brush with the indent after washing
Morphe 444 brush with indent

I am not sure if you can see if from the pictures that it still has the same soft, full bristles. But a good portion of it isn’t buffing out all of my makeup. In the picture, below, I have a comparison to a brand new M444 and the indented one. I think you can see the indent better in this picture.

Morphe 444 Brush
Morphe 444 Brush

I obviously don’t think it is a bad brush, because I have purchased a replacement. I am going to try it out again. But it wasn’t very old or well used so it was a bit disappointing. I have had some brushes I had to throw away because of the bristles falling out, but usually I had had them a bit longer. Honestly, really I haven’t thrown away that many.

This one does have a larger “face” area so it may be harder to keep all of the bristles in there tight. That could be the issue or it could be the glue wasn’t enough on that one to keep it in place.

I just wanted you to keep it in mind if you are purchasing this brush. It could be a give and take thing, as in if you want a large surface area on the brush, it may not last as long. I don’t know. I believe this brush is only $15.00, so not a huge investment.

However, if you don’t want to take the chance and you like Morphe brushes, as I do. You may want to get the Morphe M439 brush. It is around $16.00 and reminds me of my bare minerals foundation brush. Although I like the Morphe brush better.


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