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Eyeliner stamping for fun

Brooklyn & Bailey Eyeliner Stamp sets

With July 4th coming up, wouldn’t it be fun to do a little eyeliner stamping? I used to have one of these eyeliner stamps in the Star shape it was from Lottie London and I liked it. It was so fun for the 4th of July. Just something fun like painting your fingernails and toes for the holiday.

It doesn’t matter your age Eyeliner stamping is fun for occasions. Just like gel glitter highlighter for music festivals (which may or may not happen this year). So why not add some fun with an eyeliner stamp.

Brooklyn & Bailey Spaced Out - Ink About It Stamper Set - image by brand
Stamping Eyeliner
Brooklyn & Bailey Spaced Out Ink – image by brand

Brooklyn & Bailey

Introducing, Brooklyn & Bailey Spaced Out – Ink About It Stamper Set looks similar to the Lottie London one that I had. That one was more affordable than this one but there are 3 of these eyeliners. This set is $20.00 on Ulta, but you may be able to find one on Amazon that might be at a better price point.

I don’t know much about the Brand as they seem to be new at Ulta and they only carry their eyeliner stamp sets and one mascara. It just looks like a fun brand targeted more to younger kids.

Little kids would love this as well. They love stars on their face and this would be easy to get off. Doesn’t take a lot of time. Why not?


You could always draw them on yourself with a thin liquid eyeliner, if you are talented. I am not sure how well I would do at that.

Quite a few large gathering July 4th plans are canceled so why not do something a little different and fun. This is very minor in the fun makeup department. I see people with Red, blue and white stars on their faces. Imitating the KIZZ group from the 70s. Nothing wrong with that either. If you want to do it, do it.

No matter what it is, try some just a little different this year. This year hasn’t been full of too much of that and any little thing would help.

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