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Do you have a skincare wish list? Lately, I have been talking with people that have all mentioned having a skincare wish list. Items that they would like to try but they are a splurge item or they just don’t have the funds right now for everything that they want. How many of us have a huge budget for just skincare? Or space for it?

My girls already think I have way too much and that is putting it nicely. Yet, I always have a skincare wish list. Usually, it isn’t a splurge item. I have found that if I can’t afford it on a regular basis then I probably shouldn’t get it. Skincare takes time to work and it also takes consistency. There are exceptions to that statement, of course.

The number one on my skincare wish list right now was to try more NIOD products. However, in looking at the website, I narrowed it down to 1. One single item. I am pretty proud of myself. In looking at this item, it contained some ingredients that I already knew about and had in my routine. It also contained some I didn’t and better yet, it was at a reasonable price point.

Niod Survival 0
Niod Survival 0

Niod Survival 0, I have just purchased this off my wish list and I haven’t tried it out long enough to do a review of the ingredients or on how it worked out for me. I do love the packaging. The outer packaging is cardboard so it should have less of an environmental impact. I do like a pump on my products. Saves me from repackaging or having to purchase a pump myself. The smell is what I really noticed. It does have a medicinal smell, but it goes away quickly. More to come on this product. I have high hopes.

Middle to higher end (splurging)

Usually, if the item is more in the middle or higher range. I purchase a mini or travel size if available. Right now is usually a good time to purchase these items because companies are promoting their travel size.

Which is how I started out using Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta® Universal Daily Peel. These are a bestseller at Sephora with good reason. They do make your skin glow. I don’t use them every day, usually once every two weeks, to be honest, and usually on the weekend.

Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel
Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel

Dr. Dennis Gross states that this is the same peel as used in his office, but made for home use. It does have a medical smell. These peels seem to work for radiant skin. What I mean by that is you will see the difference when you apply your makeup. Your skin will look smoother and plumper, after the use of this product. That is probably why it is a bestseller.

You would think I would use them every day. I don’t because I use other beneficial skin acids and too much of a good thing can harm your moisture barrier. Nothing looks good with irritated skin.

Besides, it takes a bit longer (maybe 5 minutes altogether) which is why I only use them every two weeks. (I usually apply my whole face of skincare and makeup in 15 minutes). On the weekends is when I do more of my self-care. If you are more disciplined than that, this product will probably work better for you.

I haven’t met anyone that has tried these peels that didn’t like them. They are more of a middle to high-end skincare. $88.00 for 35 peels at present. The mini size is $20.00 for 5 peels, which is about $3.40 per peel and about a dollar less per peel to go for the bigger size.

However, for a wish list sometimes it is better to try out the smaller size.

But if you are going to splurge on a skincare wish list item. Check out the ingredients, see if it even has some ingredients worth the price tag.

For example, Ferment Lysate is an ingredient used in both Lancome Advanced Genifique and Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair. They are both $72.00 for 1oz. and both of these products are very popular. It is not unusual to find either of these on someone’s wish list. The ingredients in either are probably worth it. If it is on your wish list there are trial sizes, but you could also try Isn tree TW-Real Bifida Ampoule. It does contain that ingredient as well and some other ingredients as found in those popular products. Ins Tree is $40.00 an ounce which is about half the price of the other two.

Hopefully that gives you a different point of view when making your skincare wish list. Happy wish listing!

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