Copper Peptides and Vitamin C

Two of the best products in your healthy skincare routine are Copper Peptides and Vitamin C. These aren’t the only good ingredients for your skin, Vitamin A, B, E also top the list. Vitamins keep skin healthy. Healthy skin helps with premature aging or just aging in general.

(Pictures above:) The Vitamin C Serum that I use has no color, lightweight, and is not sticky. The Ordinary Copper Peptide serum is an exceptional value but I will start using the NIOD after I am out of this one).

Recently, I was asked if you could combine these two ingredients in a routine. Of course, you can. You absolutely should have them in your routine. It doesn’t matter if you have them in a morning or night routine. Either will work.

I have written about the value of Vitamin C in any of its forms in your skincare. Just as it is a must for use in the body, it is a must in skincare as well.

I have heard quite often I just don’t see the difference in my skin in using Vitamin C or Copper Peptides. That may be true. You probably won’t for years and years. You don’t see changes in your skin in using Vitamin A or Retin – A for at least one year or longer. These products play “the long game”, but that doesn’t mean they are sitting on the bench. They are in the game, playing hard against free radicals, hyperpigmentation, sun damage and premature skin aging.

If you are looking for the “quick fix” then you have to go the other way with facial surgery and fillers. Even after those options you want to protect your investment, don’t you? So these two are a mainstay in your routine even after those options. I am not choosing those fillers, facial surgery, or botox at this point. I am just going to do my best to combat aging with the best products. Not to say that I may never take those options. In the meantime, I want to use what works.

Copper peptides also have a lot of studies behind it that show that it is a great benefit for the skin’s overall health. So, why not use them in the same routine? There isn’t any evidence that I can find that shows they should not be used together.

I use them in my morning routine. You can use them in a nightly routine, whichever works for you and the other products you are using. I find that Vitamin C on my fresh clean skin followed by Copper peptides sinks into the skin rapidly. Then, I can apply moisturizer, sunscreen, and makeup. I have never had any pilling or stickiness on my face after using these Vitamin C and Copper together.

I know my skin is aging and I know that it will continue to age. It doesn’t mean I have to let it age faster than it needs to and it will if I don’t do anything.

The skin damage free radicals, sun, and loss of moisture can cause will age your skin faster. If you don’t do anything to try and reverse those damages, you will see it. Maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow. It will happen in one of those, “where did that come from moments”? Don’t act like you haven’t had those moments. We all have and they seem to come faster as you age.

I would encourage you to read more about Vitamin C and Copper Peptides and especially the benefits of adding both to your routine. Research out which brands have the best products for you. You can click on the links above to find out a lot more about both of these ingredients and some suggestions on which ones to use. There are so many different skin types out there and reactions to ingredients, that you really need to see what type of products would work best for you. There are a lot of studies on these ingredients and their overall benefit to your skin health. (Some of which are in the links to other blog posts, above).

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