Clinique Eye Makeup Remover

The eye makeup removers that you shake to mix up and then use to remove your makeup can work great. They can remove eye makeup easily and gently. If you have sensitive eyes or have had allergic reactions, you know how important it is to get all of the eye makeup removed.

I thought these removers were pretty much all the same, just soap, and water also perhaps oil or glycerin.

I have made homemade eye makeup remover with some baby soap, glycerin (or olive oil) and distilled water. It worked pretty well. So, I thought, all of the removers probably worked the same regardless of price.

Studio 35 beauty oil-free Makeup Remover
Studio 35 Beauty Oil-Free Makeup Remover

I believe that I was traveling and forgot my eye makeup remover. I needed to get some because I had been using a bit more eye makeup than usual and my eyes were getting a bit sensitive.

It also needed to be gentle to my tired eyes and simple to use. Also, I needed to make sure I was being thorough and removing all of my makeup.

This stuff didn’t remove my waterproof mascara. It didn’t remove my regular mascara. The Studio 35 makeup remover didn’t even help remove the glue from false eyelashes (when I did wear them).

It didn’t feel oily one the eyes (like some makeup removers). I could feel the soap on the cotton that I used for removal. But it just didn’t remove much. I have tried it again and again. Just to make sure it isn’t working. It isn’t. I am done trying and I am just going to throw it out.

Clinique Take the Day off- Makeup Remover

This one is still one of the best, Clinique Take the Day off – Makeup Remover. It takes my waterproof mascara off and glue from lashes (if I wear them). My eyes are not sensitive to it. It is so gentle. I have never had any issues with this makeup remover and it does what it is supposed to do.

Yes, it is $19.50 for 4.2 oz, which is a lot more money than the Studio 35 (which I believe was around $5.00 for 5+ oz. Although, Ulta had this Clinique Take the Day off – Makeup Remover for half off a while ago and I stocked up.

What does it matter what price something is if it doesn’t work? Spend the extra money in this case. Get something you know will work and it so gentle to your eyes. That is important too.

I try to post about products that have a variety of price points. In that way, everyone can enjoy good skincare. In keeping with that idea, I have a great eye make up remover from the drugstore.

Drugstore Alternative

I have also tried Up and Up Eye Makeup Remover, it worked great as well. It removed everything just as it should without residue. There wasn’t any sensitivity to this product for me.

Up and Up Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover
Up and Up Oil-Free eye makeup remover

I guess that might have been why I was so shocked that the other product didn’t work. I thought they all worked pretty well.

I do like the Clinique one best, but for $3.99 for 5.5 oz, this one is a steal. Save your money and buy you a really nice serum or mask. It doesn’t matter what you spend your saved money on, just don’t waste your money on a product that doesn’t work.

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