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Demi Lovato’s Look from her Super Bowl performance achieved with drugstore alternative(s)

We all know that, Demi Lovato looked beautiful at her performance for the Super Bowl, earlier this month. She also did a stellar job. It was amazing. The products used for her makeup look were not inexpensive, so I thought I would look at some drugstore alternatives for the products used in this look.

Kevin Mazur, Getty Images photo of Demi Lovato singing national anthem at Super Bowl 2020
Kevin Mazur, Getty Images

Her makeup Artist Jill Powell published on her Instagram what products where used for her makeup look….all George Armani. While I do like George Armani products, I don’t want to go out and purchase them for this look.

The foundation products

For one, I have an olive skin tone, but I am not that skin tone. It is my understanding that she uses some tanning products to achieve her overall tan look. Many of us are not going to get that tan, even on vacation (because most people would be using a sunscreen of some type). I am a 4.5 (3.5) in the winter and usually get to a 5.5 in the summer in George Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. If I were using a tanning product, I may get up to a 7.5 in the summer. Anyway, all of the products, not just the foundation color is going to look a bit different on my skin tone.

Also, if you have fair skin, you are not going to get the same look with the exact same products that were used on Demi for this look.

Let’s explore some products that may be in your collection already or that you could purchase at the drugstore as an alternative(s).

Dupe? Drugstore Alternative

A supposed drugstore alternative for the foundation would be:

I am going to say you will probably not get the exact dupe for a more expensive foundation. The ingredients and pigments are going to be less expensive and the formula will be different. Yes, you can get a similar look with a less expensive products.

I do know that a lot of people, I know, love this product. I chose it for that reason as well.

L'oreal Infallible 24hr Fresh Wear Foundation.  Could be drugstore alternative to high brand product.
L’oreal Infallible 24hr Fresh Wear Foundation

L’oreal Infallible 24hr Fresh Wear Foundation, this one seems to be the overall winner for a foundation similar to the George Armani. At a drugstore price of $11.99, you could probably afford to buy two. This foundation comes in 40 shades and the reviews are outstanding for this product. However, if you have a foundation that you like and works well for you, use that one.

The application is what is the main point, Jill Powell, states “she likes to use sheer layers and then builds the product if she needs to for beautiful skin”. She also uses a brush and a beauty blender to give the most natural look possible.

Jill used two foundations, to create the look. You can go to her YouTube channel to see how she uses two foundations to create a beautiful foundation. She uses the 2nd deeper color where a lot of people place a bronzer. Two foundations aren’t necessary if you don’t have them. You can use a bronzer. Most people will have a bronzer in their collection.

Jill Powell's Eye List from George Armani
Jill Powell’s Eye Products from Instagram Post for Demi Lovato’s Makeup at Super Bowl 2020

Eye Quattro #8 Festival by George Armani Beauty

George Armani's Eye Quattro #8 Festival
George Armani’s Eye Quattro #8 Festival

George Armani’s Eye Quattro #8 Festival is a beautiful eye shadow palette, no doubt about it. Even though these eyeshadows are beautiful and very easy to blend. You can still achieve the same look with drugstore products. You need to adapt the colors for your skin tone as well.

Drugstore Eyeshadows for the look or shop your collection

Maybelline City Mini in Coco City - Photo by brand
Drugstore palette that rivals highend
Maybelline City Mini in Coco City – by brand

Drugstore eyeshadows have come a long way as well and you may already have these colors in your collection.

Maybelline City Mini Eyeshadow Palettes – Coco City – This one is lighter than George Armani’s Eye Quattro #8 Festival, but as previously mentioned we are not all the same skin tone. Look for colors that will give you the same look.

Elf Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette- picture by the brand
Elf Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette- picture by the brand

e.l.f. Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette – This one has more sparkle to it. Elf makes another one that looks similar to this one and you could probably mix colors from that palette to make a look that is very similar. Very affordable palette(s) all $10.00.

Of course, you could mix and match from any of the Urban Decay palettes that a lot of us have in our collection. I have all of them and it was fairly easy to come up with colors that were similar for the look. (Urban Decay palettes are not drugstore, so I didn’t feature them).

For the I Heart Revolution Fans:

I Heart Revolution has good quality palettes at an affordable price, $15.00. That is a great price for all of these colors and quality. You can mix them for a really good match for the look. These palettes might only be sold at Ulta in the US.

Drugstore Alternative – Mineral and Vegan Eye Palette

I have a few friends that are telling me that they are having trouble with wearing eyeshadows as they are getting older and mineral makeup is about all they can wear.

If that is you, you have options as well and at a drugstore price too. This palette is around $12.00, and it is beautiful, you can make quite a lot of looks out of this one and the colors go with the ones from this look as well.

Pacifica Coconut-Infused Pink Nudes Mineral Eye Shadow – It also has a very similar color to that hard to find rusty color from the quad used for her look (just a bit lighter).

Inner eye pop color

Have I lost you yet? I know it is a long post. But George Armani’s skin tints are beautiful. Oh, so gorgeous. I love them. I have tried them at the store, but I am not going to pay that price. Just not. I have some drugstore alternatives.

The George Armani Skin Tint in 45

See what I mean? This is just gorgeous and beautifully formulated. You can get a look that is similar:

L’Oréal Brilliant Eyes Liquid Eye Shadow

These are very nice as well for a great price point of 12.00 at Ulta. The George Armani is $30.00. You could buy two of the drugstore products for the price of one of the GA skin tints.

This really is a nice product for an inner corner highlight. It would also be beautiful for a shine in the middle of your eye or a nice glow on the lid.

Of course you may have something similar in your collection already.

For drugstore, I have a Pixi one in my collection that is similar. You may want to check those out as well.

I also have some Color Fx and Stila products that are similar. Those are not at a drugstore price point. Shop your stash, see what you have that may work for this look.


Demi Lips List
Demi Lips List

The lips for this look were a muted pink and it just made the look, in my opinion. It made a statement without standing out.

We probably all have something in our collection that will work or a combination of lip products that will work for this look.

If not, Nyx has a huge selection of lip products at an affordable price. Here are some suggestions:

Nyx Desert Rose (Drugstore Alternative)
Nyx Desert Rose
Nyx Soft spoken (Drugstore alternative)
Nyx Soft Spoken

This brand, Nyx, has a great selection on Ulta ranging from $8.00 to $15.00. These are both similar colors with two different finishes. You can pick which finish you like best. The colors are very similar in both finishes.

The lips wouldn’t be complete without a gloss over top. I went for another Nyx product but there is so much to choose from, and you might have some already.

Nyx Shy
Lip product for a drugstore alternative to high end
Nyx Shy

Nyx Lip Lingerie in Shy is such a great color for any skin tone. It really is pretty. I don’t have this one now, but I may repurchase it after I am done using up all of my others. It will look so good on top of one of the other Nyx lipsticks. Just stunning.

Shopping my collection

Because I was “shopping” my collection to find something that would be in the colors for this look. I found my favorite, Bite Beauty Lip Crayon in Cava and I combined it with another favorite brand, Buxom, Lip gloss in Blushing Magareta. Now, these ones are pricey one is $24.00 and one is $21.00, but wonderful products. I already had them, so I didn’t spend anything. I thought I would just show how combining products that I know are in my color range, worked out great to duplicate this look for me.

Close up below

The top color is the combination of the two, the lipstick and the gloss. 2nd swatch (middle) is the Lip gloss by Buxom in Blushing Margareta. 3rd swatch is Bite Beauty in Cava. They are beautiful by themselves but together they really did make the color for the look.

Pink Lips - Bite Beauty Cava and Buxom Blushing Margareta
Bite Beauty Cava and Buxom Blushing Margareta

Drugstore alternative products

I tried to pick products for this blog that were quality items with great pigmentation at a drugstore price point.

Sure, luxury products are nice, and some are well worth the money. But if you just want to try out a new look, go through your collection. See what you already have that you know works for you. Then if you need to add something, try it get a drugstore alternative.

This look is beautiful, so if you like it. I hope you try it out.

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