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A beauty item, that is or isn’t worth your money

Flawless Facial Shaver

I have decided that I will do posts from time to time, on items that simply aren’t worth your money. They aren’t high quality enough, there is a better less expensive version (dupe) or they just don’t work.

Facial Shaver

The Flawless Facial Shaver. First of all, this is a great product and especially if you have fine facial hair.

Everyone has hair on their face. You may not have much at all now, but as you get older, you will get that joy as well.

We even get more stray hairs, that look like stray eyebrow hairs on our chin. You should probably still pluck those hairs, but this can help.

Shaving the face can help with other things as well

It can make cleansing your face easier when you don’t have fine facial hair to contend with. When cleansing your face, you need to make sure you are getting underneath the hair with your cleanser. If not it can lead to more acne breakouts.

Makeup application can go on smoother after using this shaver. The foundation will lay flatter and powder doesn’t accentuate the fine facial hair.

But there is something you shouldn’t waste your hard earned money on and it is getting the wrong replacement blades for this device.

Face Shaver Replacement Blades (heads)

Someone told me just to get some replacement blades/heads off of Amazon. Not a great idea. This is the second set, I have purchased on Amazon that had great reviews. This will also be the second set, I will be sending back. They came in a package of 4 for around $10.00. Not a bad price. The picture on the right is the comparison of the two blades. The first blade is the Amazon blade and the 2nd is the Flawless blade replacements.

Can you see the quality difference just from this picture? I can. The real difference is in the weight and just quality of the two different blades.

The Flawless Blades are $12.99 for two at Ulta.

Flawless Blades
Flawless Blades

So in this case, I would not spend your money on Amazon replacement blades/heads. Get the genuine item. It will look like this at the store.

They will work so much better at removing the facial hair. I didn’t get any hair from the Amazon blades at all. When I received the Flawless replacement blades (or heads), I put them right to work. They worked perfectly.

Well worth the money, even if it is double the price point. You get what you pay for here.

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