Make up Storage

I have always had an issue with finding ways to organize my makeup. To be honest, most of the problem is, I have too much of it. I have been giving some away and I am trying to use other items up instead of buying new, even if I don’t like it so much.

I was using some of the plastic cube drawers with some homemade wood dividers. The dividers didn’t work so well. However, the cube drawers did hold a lot of products. Still, I wanted the same kind of organization but with a better look.

Acrylic Organizers

I had resisted for quite some time from getting those acrylic organizers. For one, they were quite expensive for what they were, in my opinion. I saw that Sephora has one that is $40.00 but it didn’t have enough room for me. I also thought it was a bit small for that price tag. Secondly, I really don’t like the look of them in bathrooms, even though I have one. Not that my makeup is in my bathroom, it isn’t.

I did give in, finally.

I purchased a set from Amazon. (You can see below). There are quite a lot of these type of organizers to choose from and the prices were the best I had seen so far.

I didn’t have enough of the larger/taller drawers and needed a few more other drawers as well. So, I had to purchase an additional set of drawers from Amazon. It was too tall all together, so I had to store some of the other drawers in my dresser to hold additional powders and lotions.

I am going to try and use up, more products on a more consistent bases and it could be easier when I can see it. It may also be helpful to see the amount that I have to use.

Brush organization

I also have my brushes stored near the new organizers. No, you don’t need this many brushes. The more you have, the more you must clean them, and you do need to wash them regularly. I have a post on what I use to wash my brushes.

My brushes are in an organizer that has three compartments. It only came in black and I wasn’t so excited about that color with my d├ęcor. So, I purchased some mirror stick-on(s). I think that part turned out really well. I like the shine and the reflection of the mirror on the brush organizers.

I am unsure about the bamboo organizer in front of it that holds my lip liners, eye pencils, eyebrow pencils and foundation of the moment. I also use another one for all of my serums and oils that I am currently using. Those, too, have the mirror covering on the outside. I don’t mind the one for the serums, but I am thinking about changing up the one for my pencils so that they stand up better.

Other Storage

I wish I could say this was all of it, but it isn’t. My hair care items, and my large lotions are stored in the cupboard below along with my blow dryer and flat iron.

I have another drawer that stores my blushes, bronzers, highlighters and eyelash curler. The cupboard in the hallway, also stores my extras and travel sized products.

Finding a place for everything can be quite a challenge. So, this year, I will be paring it down. I will be posting about my progress in that area as well. It might help keep me on track.

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