I think we really need to start embracing aging in a realistic way. I don’t use filters, I probably should. We all have some friends that use filters constantly. As a result, when you see them in real life, it isn’t the same. It isn’t even close. It is almost shocking.

We are all not models or could be models (perhaps with a filter, which isn’t real). In fact, most of us aren’t.

Not that, I believe, we shouldn’t take pride in our personal appearance. We should, it gives people confidence and sometimes just lifts our mood. However, trying to live up to a society mesmerized with Instagram faces hasn’t been great for people’s well-being. Studies have indicated that there is more depression now than ever before. It could be due to this type of unrealistic expectations, it might be due to other pressures in society. However, I am certain that these expectations don’t help it.

Model Aging and being real about it

I do applaud, Paulina Porizkova, 54, who stated “she wants to share ‘the truth’ with a makeup-free selfie” on Instagram.

A portion Paulina’s Instagram Post

This is just part of her Instagram post. Go to her Instagram page to read more.

The point is, this woman has amazing bone structure and has had access to the latest and greatest skin care treatments. She is still beautiful, but she is aging.

It just proves that we are all aging, like it or not. We need to be realistic in what our own aging journey can achieve.

I do believe in aging as gracefully in all areas of life.

Aging Gracefully

I think that aging gracefully in skin care, is achievable. There are so many proven products, ingredients, tools, techniques and methods for achieving this goal. It does take work, no doubt. Reversing aging can happen but perhaps, not with the amazing result you would want for yourself. Everyone needs to be realistic about the results.

Products with studies that do assist with the aging process

Retin-A, the gold standard of anti aging products, can take a year for your skin to adjust and more than that until you see any results. Not everyone can use it, their skin just doesn’t accept it. Then there is, Adapalene gel, with tons of studies as well (that I will be posting about in the future) as an alternative.

And so much more, these are just an example, that there are products to help with the aging process.

Being Real about aging with Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery can assist with the aging process. However, you have to be real about the outcome as well. There are risks, have you watched “Botched”? Okay, those may be rare cases or not. I haven’t looked at the information on stats in the United States or around the world to determine how rare. There are plenty of examples of where it didn’t work out well for people or it just doesn’t look natural.

It can turn out beautifully as well, but you give up something for it, whether it is feeling in some areas or some people get a sharp pain every once in a while. Some a tight feeling in one area, like pulling on just a small strand of skin. There is always something, it may be minor or it could be major. The point is there are risks. Even with plastic surgery, we need to be realistic as to the outcomes. I am hoping for a lot more information on what can happen and what happens quite often in the future, so everyone can have knowledge and make a educated decision on what is best for their aging journey.

The main thing would be more acceptance of our bodies at any age. There really is nothing wrong with diversity.

Future Real Aging

As you know I am all about aging gracefully, but I am aging. I feel like things are moving toward embracing it. Not letting go, but more acceptance of how it really is and the struggles that we go through.

In essence, I am hoping for, not putting a filter on anything with aging and demanding more transparency in what is in our products, what the results will really be and what we are really subjecting ourselves to for the risks and the outcomes.

Here is to a new future of aging gracefully, with acceptance and knowledge.

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