Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber
Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber
Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber #skincare

Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber is a device that I have used for about 9 years.  I started using one after I had a treatment with a much stronger and a bit larger device at an Esthetician’s office.  Sometime after that treatment, I had a facial with a Dermalogica facialist, she used almost this exact device.  I really enjoyed the results of both facials and decided I would like one for home use.

Purchasing my skin scrubber

I just researched them and purchased one on Amazon. It seems to be the most convenient way to purchase one, as I couldn’t find one locally. There were quite a few to choose from so I just did some comparisons and read a lot of reviews. Looks at other reviews on-line and went from there. I believe I spent around $30.00 then for the skin scrubber device.

Items you will need (besides the device)

  • Water, steam or aloe vera gel
  • Paper towel, wash cloth or gauze
  • hydrating serum of your choice
  • alcohol to clean your blade before and after use

As with using any device (even manual devices), be gentle with your skin.  There is no need to be too harsh.  You will determine as you use it more and more, just how much pressure is needed for your skin.  Gentle is always the best for any skin type.

Skin Scrubber Device #skinscrubber
Skin Scrubber Device

This device must be used with water or steam.  However, I do know some people who use it with aloe vera gel, and it seems to work for them in that way.  I prefer to use steam as I don’t like to have to keep re-spraying my face with water and steam seems to keep the skin more hydrated.

Skin Scrubber at angle
Skin scrubber at angle

You place the blade in a 45 to 55-degree angle and move it along the skin. You can use it in any direction that you choose.  Even with your first swipe of the face you will see a slightly cloudy liquid coming out of the skin onto the blade.  You need to have a paper towel present so you can wipe off the blade after every pass on the skin.  It will eventually get clearer and clearer.  Don’t stay in just one area.  Keep moving it around and come back to areas.

You will also see small white beads or black beads (sometimes referred to as white/black heads) at times coming out of the skin on to the blade. This is just a result of the device cleaning or clearing out the skin.  I have heard it referred to as being like a spray hose and spraying off the driveway, dirt and debris are removed from the driveway surface (in this case, your skin) and a bit below the surface.

Sometimes you will feel the blade getting a bit de-centered like it has hit a bumpy part of a road.  That will mean that there is congestion under the skin.  You will need to go over that area of the face more than others.  You may also choose to turn the blade a bit on the side on the pulse mode and use the skin scrubber as an extraction tool.

Using the blade still at a 45-degree angle but tilted to one side on pulse mode will turn the skin scrubber into an extraction tool to remove blackheads or other skin congested areas.  Do not press hard on the skin to remove.  If they are ready to be removed, they will loosen up easily.  You must wipe off the blade before continuing, as not to infect the face.

Don’t use the device too close to the eye area.  It does have ultrasonic movement and it could disrupt the thin skin under the eye and the eye itself.

Your skin will feel dry after using the skin scrubber after all it has just removed the oil as well as the other debris from your skin.  The other great thing about the skin scrubber is that you turn it over and you can use it with its ultrasonic movement to deliver serums deeper into the skin.  Therefore, really getting that hydrating serum into the layers of the skin and relieving that dryness that has been created with the deep cleaning of the pores.

This device has saved my skin quite a few times with the hormonal breakouts that seem to come up more and more as I age.  Yes, I know, we all thought we were done with the break outs of being a teenager and they are back again. (sigh)

At present (and most of the time), I don’t have blackheads on my face at all. The Skin scrubber has helped a lot with blackheads. True, that some people are more prone to get blackheads than others, as well. I do still get closed comedomes on my forehead and it doesn’t seem to really help with that issue .

Other devices

I have heard people refer to the gua sha face device as something like this device (just manual without the vibration).  I don’t feel that is true.  Have you seen this device? It looks quite a bit like a tool you use to clean out your frying pans. Therefore, I don’t think that the gua sha face device should be used on the face at all.  I have seen far too many people use this device too harshly.  So, with anything be gentle with your skin.  You do not need to push into your skin with the skin scrubber for it to be effective.

This is an excellent device to use for just a quick facial.  If you massage a nice heavy moisturizer into your skin after using the skin scrubber, it will give you that fresh from the spa feel on your face.  And better yet, try using it on the other side to vibrate that moisturizer or serum deeper into your skin.

You will see in a few days, just how much cleaner your face will look and feel.

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