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Skin care and aging without botox, fillers, etc.

Skin care and aging

We are all going to age, there is no doubt about that and even if they come out with something extraordinary in the next week, month, day, year or years. Skin care will still be important for anti aging. Our skin protects us on a daily basis, so it is only fair that we take care of it on a daily basis as well.

I haven’t made the choice to do injections of botox, fillers or lasers, at this point. I am not going to say never. The skin under my eyes is currently giving me a run for my money. However, I am closer to 50 than 40 now and it is bound to get more difficult.

I recently went to get a facial at a local spa, I will go into more details on that later. I thought my skin was in horrible shape, but the esthetician informed my that my under lying skin levels were very hydrated. One of the best she had seen at the spa. That made me feel quite good.

I contribute this to: Peels, serums, cleansing, removing makeup, exfoliation, moisturizing and so much more that I have talked about in this blog and more to come.

We all know that skin care is the building block of looking younger. Makeup goes on better if you take care of your skin, no matter your age. Hydration, hydration, hydration…. you need this as you age. Even if you have oily skin, you need hydration.

Skin care and aging pictures

Everyone knows that I take terrible selfies and it isn’t really professional lighting (and these are really close up). But here it goes…

As you can see, my lips aren’t very full on the top (I am going to try micro-needling on that issue). I have some wrinkling under the eyes and they are getting darker under the eyes. Discoloration on both cheeks, mainly near eyes. (okay, it has improved quite a bit with niacinamide). But overall in pretty condition. This coming year, I am going to post more on serums and other items to help with skin care. Because as I state, skin care is where it starts.

Skin pictures with foundation

Here you can see me with only foundationand eye makeup. No blush, highlighter or faux eyelashes. Just a light look for the day. You can see the two small bumps that have shown up on my face. The lips don’t look a lot different, they are just lined with lip balm. You can also see the lines under my eyes are more pronounced.

I am showing these pictures, not to show off my amazing bone structure, because I don’t have it. I am showing that, it is possible to have good skin without being born with amazing genes. It is possible, even without botox and fillers. It does take work, but it is worth it. You are worth it. Your age doesn’t determine your worth and it is better to fight than to give up. Even when every beauty ad has a model under 25 (okay, not every ad. However, you know what I mean).

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