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How not to be a grumpy old person

Light Weights

Now, I am not saying I am an expert but I am finding that I am getting grumpier, as I get older. I believe it is something that I need to work on, because I don’t really enjoy it and I am afraid of becoming a grumpy old person. And not in a funny way.

So how do you go about not becoming a grumpy old person? I am not sure. But I am going to be exploring this subject in posts to come and I have a few reasons why I believe I am becoming a grumpy old person.

Facial Aging

Nobody likes to age, which is why I like to do things to prevent it. Hence, most of the posts so far in my blog are on facial aging. After all, there is a lot of judgment on aging. “He/She isn’t aging well”. “I think she/he looks older than that”. We are just starting to get more mature models in ads but just a few short years ago there was less than 1%. Indicating that it doesn’t sell to be older or it isn’t as sexy to see maturity women or men.

The pressure might add to the grumpiness. However, it is going to happen no matter what. So Smile.


Smiling can add so much to how people relate to you. The friendlier you look, the less grumpy you are perceived to be. You also feel less grumpy when you smile. Added bonus, most people think, people that smile are more attractive in studies.

Smiling is going to be one of the few things that I start out with, on my journey to not become a grumpy old person.

Don’t Stop

As we age, we tend to start to say, I can’t do that. My body doesn’t allow me to do that. That could be very true. So find something else to do. Don’t stop. There are so many other things to do. I started doing some wood working. Something I never thought I would ever do.

Which brings me to learning new things or different things, keeps your mind young. You are more fulfilled when learning new things, which makes you less grumpy overall. This will be my 2nd thing to start to add into my life.

Relationship status

That is another thing we need to change – attitude about being single. Currently, I am single. My long time, partner passed away suddenly last year of a sudden heart ache.

I have had some many people want to set me or ask if I have moved on yet. I don’t believe it should be such a requirement or pressure to not be single.

Matter a fact, I have a friend that got married recently. He told me that he was just so lonely, so he just needed to find someone. He never once in our conversation said that he got married because he was in love or even that they were compatiable. I don’t think the loneliness should be the cornerstone of a relationship.

I believe the attitude towards being single or more people’s impression of single people, is also making me a grumpy old person.

Exercise for Grumpiness
Exercise for Grumpiness


I have to admit my knee has had more pain in it at times. But I don’t have too many aches and pains. Yes, I feel it when I exercise. However, I do feel better about myself the day after I exercise.

There is a study on exercise mainly weight bearing exercise that show that weight bearing exercises can improvement a lot of areas of aging. It affects a lot of areas of the body including the brain and mood.

This will be another thing that I am going to add a lot more of in my life.

I hope that you aren’t finding yourself becoming a grumpy old person, but if you are, I hope that you will try with some of the ideas that I suggested here and all of the things I will be exploring in more detail in the future.

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