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Yes, I am back again talking about Urban Decay Eyeliners, for the simple reason that they are really wonderful on any eyes. This time it is more than the different formulas for the black eyeliners in their range.

It is about how amazing these eyeliners are in general and even more for maturing eyelids. The formula is one of the creamiest I have ever used. These Urban Decay Eyeliners go on so easily, there is no need to be perfect, which is great for those of us that aren’t perfect.

Perfect lining

Shaky, unsteady hands or disappearing eyesight? Urban Decay Eyeliners work great if you are starting to experience any of these issues. You can smudge them if you do it within 30 seconds or a minute and nobody will ever know that the line was not perfect. Or even if you aren’t experiencing those issues, the Urban Decay Eyeliners are so easy if you are in a hurry. If you just need to add a bit of color to go from work to going out. These eyeliners are absolutely wonderful for the beginner as well.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eyeliner(s)
Urban Decay Glide on 24/7 Glide On Eyeliner in Whiskey (Brown), Voodoo (purple) and Chaos (blue/purple)

Changing things up

Changing things up. Everyone needs to change things up once in a while. I think as we age we tend to just do what we have always done. But our body is constantly changing, good or bad, it is doing it. So we need to make changes too.

Also staying with one look all of time ages you. Not that you need to do a lot or even make it a permanent change. Mixing it up once in a while is fun and adding a little color can make it even more fun.


Urban decay has 43 colors all with the same creamy formula (on their website). Ulta has 28 colors on their website and then some limited editions/collection colors as well. Both website have them for $22.00 an eyeliner. That may seem a bit expensive but I have had a lot of less expensive pencils dry out long before any of these ever have, so it is less in the long run.

Picking a color

Picking a color can be a bit difficult if you are trying for something other than brown or black. On the Urban Decay website they have a try on application and it can be kind of hit or miss. Ulta’s picture seem to be closer to the colors.

You can see what I mean about picking a color from the pictures above. The first picture looks a lot bluer in color than the other two pictures. However, it is a beautiful color.

Urban Decay Glide On 24/7, Whiskey
Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Whiskey
Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Whiskey on Olive Tone Skin
Urban Decay Eyeliner – Whiskey

Brown is a bit easier to pick a color in but they are all different. All very pretty. Brown is just as important as black in every makeup collection. It is softer than black, which definitely has it’s place for a simple make up look. Or just softer on all skin types and makeup looks.

Accent color or double lining

You should where eyeliner any way that you want. I do like to wear it as a double liner look. Especially, if it is a bright color like chaos. Sometimes called the “pop color”. But, it really depends on what you think looks best on you. I also get complements when I wear Voodoo because the purple color brings out the green in my eyes. It looks really pretty on all eye colors.


Urban Decay Eyeliner(s) 
Whiskey, zero, chaos, corrupt, rockstar, bourbon and flipside
Urban Decay Eyeliner(s) (Whiskey, corrupt, rockstar, bourbon, zero, chaos and flipside)

As you can see I own quite a few Urban Decay Eyeliner(s) and I have used them for some time. To be honest, a long time and they have always been fabulous.

Color payoff and making it better

Urban Decay Eyeliner(s) have a great color payoff in my opinion. See the pictures above and you don’t have to press hard ever. But if you have oily eyelids or you just want it to be more pronounced. I would use an eyelid primer. There are some great ones on the market and Urban Decay even makes one.

Urban Decay Eyeliners are an exceptional choice for anyone. These eyeliners work for the beginner, expert, maturing eyelids, unsteady hands or costume makeup.

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