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I don’t do very many homemade (DYI) masks, but I was looking at the ingredients on a popular moisture mask and I couldn’t believe the ingredients list. It was so short and simple. I do like things to be straight forward, so you know what is in a product. But to me the ingredients (although good) didn’t match the price tag. So, naturally, I thought I could make this at home and so could a lot of other people.

The main ingredient was Glycerine, which I have used after a “lunchtime peel” or after using 40% Glycolic acid peel at home. But I hadn’t every really thought of using it on just cleansed, non-irritated skin.

It makes sense though. Take a look at the moisturizer you are using right now, does it have glycerine/glycerin in it? Chances are it does. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer has it as the 3rd ingredient. Glycerin is used so much in skin care and it really isn’t talked about that much.

Still I wasn’t sure how it would work as a mask with such simple ingredients and Glycerine\Glycerin is pretty thick. However, it does spread better on the skin after it is applied (due to the heat of the skin).

Mask (ingredients)

Glycerine/Glycerin along with a few other ingredients for a homemade moisture mask
Vegetable Glycerine for the skin

Vegetable glycerin


Essential oils (I choose to use Aloe Vera, instead).

That is it. So simple, right. That was all that was in that moisturizing mask.

Trying out the homemade moisturizing mask

I decided to give it a try and it worked out well. I probably did 1/3 glycerine, 1/3 water and 1/3 aloe in the mask. After about 10 minutes, I removed the mask and my skin was very moisturized. In fact, I could even feel the moisture in the air on my skin.

I purchased the vegetable glycerine, a bit ago, off of Amazon for around $8.00 for 16 oz. The aloe vera, I had purchased at Target. So all in all, it didn’t cost me hardly anything for the mask part of it, since I already had the ingredients. But they aren’t that expensive to purchase and there is quite a few uses for them.

You can also use glycerine in a homemade clay mask to add some moisture so it won’t be so drying on the skin. You can use glycerine/glycerin for all types of irritated skin including shaving rash.

Best of all, I think I will be using this homemade moisturizing mask quite a lot in the dry winter to keep my skin moisturized.

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