Face Masks

Are face masks essential for your skin care routine?

No, they really aren’t essential but they do have a purpose. Face masks can help makeup going on better or make your face look more moisturized/hydrated/radiate for a special night out or any time. Face mask can help with skin that has congestion and more.

Sheet Masks

Face Masks (Sheets masks) Fun and functional
Sheet Masks (Face Masks)

Something about a mask on a freshly cleaned face, just feels a bit indulgent especially if you are sitting back with a cup of coffee, tea, lemon water, just relaxing. It really is a small investment in you.

Yes, day to day routine of a good serum on your face will do more then a face mask from time to time. However, after, we put on our serums, we put lotion, sunscreen and/or make up over top of the serum. When we have a face mask on, the serum/ingredients are the only thing on the face to do it’s work, so there is no interference.

Face Masks for congestion

(This a favorite mask at my home, don’t let the drugstore price tag fool you. This is a really great mask. It has a very luxury feel to it as well).

Face Masks - Mud Masks great for large pores or congested skin.
Mud Mask

Face Masks can be a real help to relieve or prevent congestion on the face. A mask that cleans out the pores can really improve the congestion and lessen the sebum in the pores. Of course, these masks have to have some good ingredients for doing so (salicylic acid, charcoal, green tea, etc.) There are a lot of ingredients that have shown results in removing debris and sebum from the pores in different degrees.

Mud Masks

Mud masks do a great job on congested skin or larger pores. Nugg Miracle Mud Mask contains Kaolin clay, charcoal, zinc, all known for cleaning out dirt, sebum and debris from the pores and on the surface of the face. There are a lot of different types of mud masks out there and you can just make your own.

DYI Mud Masks

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

DYI mud masks are really simple, purchase which every mud clay that you like, bentonite and kaolin, etc. (Amazon has them for $8 to $20 depending on the size and which kind you are purchasing). Add whatever you like to go with the mud – olive oil, lemon peel powder, aloe vera or salicylic acid. So many things depending on what you like and your skin needs.

“Peeling” Masks

Loosening up the dead skin cells on the face before they clog pores is an excellent job for the masks that contain a peeling agent just as a AHA/BHA or enzymes. They may say something about peeling in the name and they may not, but “peeling” the skin is just removing or lessening the “glue” that hold skin cells on our face. When the glue is loosened the dead skin cells slip off the surface of the skin to reveal fresh, bright cells on the surface of the skin.

Face Masks (Peel masks) - AHA/BHA, enzymes and other acids.
Peel masks (also there are AHA/BHA masks)

Some peeling agents are more natural like papaya, lemon peel, apple or other fruits.

Some are more chemically driven like AHA/BHA.

Moisture Masks

Most face masks even mud masks usually contain some type of humectants to combat the drying effects of some ingredients on the skin. There are some masks that are purely for moisturizing the skin. They contain only humectants and usually several humectants for full effect. These masks plump up the skin. Quite ideal for using before applying makeup for a big night out or just to help with dealing with dry skin.

Overnight Masks

Overnight masks have also become very popular but I only really like the Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask.

Other ingredient masks

Now, I just bought a bunch of masks just to try them out for the different ingredients they have in them. I don’t have a serum or lotion that has egg, honey, avocado or mushroom in them. So I decided to get some masks that do.

You have to decide for yourself if face masks are essential in your routine based on your results and your skin issues. I would say based on the popularity of face masks, a lot of people believe they are essential in their skin care routine. Or just want something new in their routine. Something new might be just what your skin wants at a certain time, as well.

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