Basic tools for a beginner

Multi meter a basic tool

I am still a beginner at home repairs. But you can’t even be a beginner without some basic tools.

I started out over 8 years ago (after my divorce) with an electric drill, some misc. screwdrivers and a few drill bits. However, I was lucky enough to have a wonderful person in my life for 6 years that helped me and taught me a lot about home repairs along with (some wonderful family members). Unfortunately, he past away last year, but I will keep on trying to do home repairs and projects on my own. I know there are also a lot of people out there that would like to do home repairs on their own as well.

Doing home repairs on your own, gives you strength and pride in yourself. It also ends the stress of waiting for someone else to do it. It helps on the budget as well. So, I would encourage everyone to try it, no matter where you are at in life.

The first thing, I got was:

Drill (a basic tools for a beginner)

Like I said I had an electric drill but it wasn’t convenient. It also had more weight than what I really liked.

Black + Decker 20v Drill, basic tools for a beginner
Black+Decker 20v Drill with a carrying bag, a basic tools for a beginner

I made the choice of this one because it was lightweight, battery powered and had a carrying case. The drill came at good price. It has worked great for my needs.

Later, I will probably post more of my projects, so you can see just how much I have used it.

Small bits Kit

You have to have different size drill bits and screw bits. The different sizes are so valuable. You will need all different sizes, all of the time. This is just a simple, light weight case of bits. It also fits inside the drill case with the drill.

Multi meter

Multi-meter, a basic tool for a beginner
Multi meter, a basic tool for a beginner

Now, you may not think that, this is a necessary basic tool for a beginner. I didn’t think it was at first, as well.

(It comes with instructions that I have to look at all of the time.)

But I have used this to check out things when my AC wasn’t working correctly, it helped me determine the problem and then purchase the part to fix it.

Recently, I used it to check the voltage of the light part of my fan. (The lights would not come on but the fan worked perfectly.)

It was fairly simple to check the voltage, with the help of some videos on youtube and the repair was about $3.00 (pull chain).

YouTube – a basic tool for a beginner

This is a basic tool as well, because you can see how to do quite a few repairs on youtube. I have learned how to even change the oil and other maintenance on my lawn mower. Along with quite a few other home repairs, so I think it is a pretty good basic tool for beginners.

Tape Measure

You can use a tape measure for so many things, measuring an item that needs replaced or measuring your curtains or where to place your pictures? You will always need a tape measure.


Tomboy Tools Hammer - basic tools for a beginner
Tomboy tools hammer

This was a gift from the love of my life, he thought it was so funny. Later on, I used it on projects that we did together. A hammer is a great basic tool and no training really required. Everyone has seen someone use a hammer.

Plumber’s Tape

Plumber's Tape
Plumber’s Tape

What is the thing a lot of people deal with the most for a home repair? I would say it is plumbing.

Again, you may not think this is a basic tool for a beginner, but it is. If you have pipes that you have to take apart to unclog or your pvc pipes work themselves undone. You can use this to tightening the pvc pipes or other metal fittings.

You can also use it to tightening up screws threads on a repair job.

Besides, it is super cheap.

So, purchase some basic tools and empower yourself to do some simple or more complicated home repairs. Everyone can do things with simple tools.

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