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Alpha Skin Care, Renewal Body Lotion

AHA in body lotion is something that I really didn’t think I would try or even be interested in, for my skin. Now I think that I really should have tried this type of lotion sooner. I do have skin that is sensitive and my legs did have a couple of small eczema patches. Like most people, I did use lotion regularly on all of my body but the little patches just stayed.

I would state that the skin on my body was okay, not super hydrated looking….just okay.

Other moisturizers

Of course, I tried other moisturizers. I like the CeraVe Moisturizing Cream. It is good and I use it now sometimes. It has great ingredients for the skin. It was just that my skin was starting to need more and more moisture to stay at a just okay level.

Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer
Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer

So, I decided to start using in the shower or just out of the shower moisturizers to try and lock in moisture. I tried the Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer. After all it was on the Allure best list, it isn’t on my list unfortunately. Didn’t do much.

I went to Lush products for their massage bars. I do love their massage bars and I do recommend you try them. They are awesome. (Use them after you shave your legs, not before, it will “gum” up your razor.) They do leave a moisturizing layer on the skin which is super great in the winter. The only issue with these wonderful bars are that sometimes I have to wait just a bit before I get dressed so if I am in a hurry, it is not going to work out so well. That makes them not an everyday choice for me.

Alpha Skin Care Renewal Body Lotion (AHA in Body Lotion)

Alpha Skin Care Renewal Body Lotion 12% Glycolic
Alpha Skin Care, Renewal Body Lotion – 12% Glycolic

I decided to try a lotion with 12% Glycolic AHA, I knew that Glycolic was great for renewing the skin. (I even use Glycolic in my toner). So why not use it in my body lotion? Why did I not try this before? I knew it was a proven acid for improving skin texture, discoloration, removing dead skin cells and adding some moisture to the skin.

The lotion I decided to try was Alpha Skin Care Renewal Body Lotion. It even lists the percentage right on the front – 12% and it lists it’s PH. The PH is 4.0.

Draw backs

There are some draw backs, nothing is perfect. Some people have irritation with using AHA(s), especially in high percentages. This one is not a high percentage, however. It does increase sensitivity to sun exposure (what doesn’t anymore). Protect yourself.

If you do have severe eczema and you know who you are. This could irritate it. It could irritate it quite a bit. So, probably patch test it or get it under control with rx(s) before trying it.

This product does contain petrolatum and mineral oil, so if you are against those, it is in here.


It really doesn’t have an odor at all, so that should be good for people with sensitivities to that type of thing. You do have to give it a minute to penetrate into your skin, but only a minute or two.

The best part is the way my skin feels after using it for only a couple of days. Skin on my legs looked brighter and felt smoother. After using it for a bit, the red little bumps (that sometimes would appear) were gone. Overall, the skin looked much more moisturized. It felt soft and looked, much better than okay.

I don’t really have any age spots or discoloration on my arms/hands/legs so I can’t speak to how it tackles that problem. I assume from using AHAs on my face that it would help even out skin tone over time.

As you can see from the picture above of this lotion, I have a few for backup(s). I don’t want to be without this product.

I really think it is worth trying, because I have been that impressed with the results on my skin.

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