Home Cold Brew

Home cold Brew can be quite delicious and very easy to make for what should be called Cold Brew season. Really anything coffee or tea related drink that is ice cold is great right now.

Container for Home Cold Brew

Container for brewing, the home cold brew, can be a very simple thing. I use this one because I like the design, it has a handle and a very tight fitting lid. It is also easy to clean as well.

The photo from Amazon looks so much better than my real life photos, of course. But I did purchase mine from Amazon for about $20.00. You can follow the link if you want to get this one or you can just pick one out that you prefer.

The point is to get one with a tight lid for sure and of course, to enjoy some refreshing homemade cold brew.

Coffee Beans

Brew to a Tea (Cold brew container)
Brew to a Tea (Cold brew container)

I just go to my local Winco or Fred Meyer store because in my area they have the most variety of coffee beans. I prefer a medium or dark roast coffee bean. I switch it up a lot just to try new beans to see which ones I like the best.

I grind the beans myself and just put them in an air tight container. I don’t grind up a lot so they stay fresh.


Brew to a Tea Container with top of strainer
Brew to a Tea Container with top of strainer

Hopefully, you can see all of the tiny holes in the strainer (it might have another name but that is what I call it or it could be a grounds holder, I don’t know). It has a handle to pull the grounds holder out of the container without any issues. It is also very sturdy for a piece of wire and doesn’t feel like it will break.


You put in a 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup of coffee grounds depending on how strong you like your cold brew. Then pour in the water in a circular motion to make sure you get all of the coffee grounds wet. Put it in the fridge. Simply right?

Home Cold brew

Brew to a Tea container in the fridge
Brew to a tea container with cold brew in the fridge

The next day, here it is in my fridge. Looks good right? It fits great right next to my creamer. I usually leave it overnight but the directions say leave it for 8 hours or more.

So easy.

Cold Brew just out of the fridge
Cold Brew just out of the fridge
Cold Brew after strainer or grounds holder is removed
Cold Brew after removing the grounds

As you can see, when you take the grounds strainer or grounds container out of the glass container you don’t have as much cold brew. That is why it is important to fill it up when you put the water in before you put it in the fridge.

It is pretty cold at this point, but of course some people like to add ice to it now. But I like to add ice to my glass, not to the container. You can choose for yourself.

Cup with Ice
Cup with Ice

Okay, okay, I just got back from Starbucks when I decided to make me another cold brew. Don’t judge.

So I decided to use the same cup (not wasting) and then you can see, how much ice I put in the cup. I also added caramel syrup and almond milk. Then the cold brew from the fridge.

The Finished Product

Cold brew drink (after I made it)
Cold brew drink (after I made it)

The finished product. Looks good, right. No, it doesn’t taste exactly like Starbucks because I used a different roast than Starbucks does. I also don’t know if they use almond milk and I don’t always use almond milk. Sometimes, I use creamer or regular milk. I like almond milk and creamer better than just plain milk. But it all works.

I also don’t use the thick caramel syrup, I just use the caramel simple syrup like Torani. But I left this drink on the counter and my daughter walked by and drank some (which happens quite often) and she didn’t say anything. So she didn’t seem to notice too much of a difference.

How much you use for just one drink

Cold brew and Cold Brew Drink
Cold brew and Cold Brew Drink

I thought I would show you how much cold brew it takes for this drink. I believe this is a grande (the cup size) so I can make two more drink of the same size. I am going to say three drinks for one brew in this Brew to a tea container.

No, I don’t measure for this drink. I would think I add about 1oz of almond milk or whatever you choose. But if you use creamer I would use less. Then about 1/2 oz of caramel syrup.

Of course, just taste it and add more or less to suit your taste. You can’t do that at the coffee shop. Plus, this is really refreshing and you didn’t have to go anywhere.


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