EcoTools Brushes

The Ecotools line have some really good brushes.

This brands’ tools (sponges, bowls) are not the best, take for instance their jade roller. It isn’t the best quality and it squeaks so badly. I am not even sure why it is squeaks, it is only a jade bead (which seems to be okay quality) held by a flimsy piece of wire. It shouldn’t squeak that loudly. Their spa accessories are not so great either. They remind me of little beauty things I got as a little girl. Except for the mask brush that one is really nice for a mask brush (then again that is more of a brush and their brushes are good).

EcoTools brushes
EcoTools Brushes

I love the completion buffer brush (bottom – right) for concealer, it is soft and blends in the concealer to look like one with the skin. Easy to clean. Great brush. Almost a must if you have any wrinkles around the eyes because it softly blends makeup around the eyes.

Fan brush, (top left) this is a beautiful, thick fan brush – soft and fluffy. It is great for a soft highlight or blush. It has lasted, for a very long time and is still in great condition. I am sure that I didn’t buy mine in a set but that is all that I can find now.

Eye shadow brushes are great as well. They aren’t fancy, but they are great for apply eyeshadow. I like the eyeshadow brushes with a brush on both ends. They are not only a great value, but gives you 4 great eyeshadow brushes without the bulk.

The one issue, I do have with EcoTools brushes is that when they have a brush that is almost an exact dupe of a high end brush. They tend to discontinue it quickly.

This foundation brush (I got a very long time ago) and it is still in great condition. I don’t use it all of the time, but with certain foundations. It is almost an exact dupe for Tarte’s foundation brush. EcoTools discontinued it, a long time ago and I am not sure why.

EcoTools Foundation Brush
EcoTools Foundation Brush

Also their dual ended foundation brush set that came out about two years ago and they were a pretty good seller and appeared to be a dupe for some of the IT cosmetic brushes. It is now discontinued as well.

I just don’t understand the entry of a new brush that is similar to a high end brand and then a quick disappearance. So if you see a brush in their line that you believe to be a dupe for a high end brush. You had better get it while you can. Chances are you will get a great brush at a great price point.

Even if it isn’t a dupe for a high end brush, you will still get great brushes from this line for a great price point.

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