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Shimmer me this? Can you wear shimmery/glitter eyeshadows as you age?

Glitter on maturing eyelids

Of course, you can if you would like to, you do what makes you feel good. See below the examples of shimmery/glitter eyeshadows to see if you really want to.

Makeup has changed and you have changed, so why would you use the same makeup, the same eyeshadow techniques you have used for 20 or more years?

Shimmery/Glitter eyeshadows

All the shines isn’t gold and it is certainly is true when it comes to aging eyelids and shimmery/glitter eyeshadows. It does age you. Applying glitter/shimmery eyeshadow all over the eyelid, not only shows off the crepey skin on the eyelids, but this is an older looking technique for apply it as well. Not to mention it, may bring attention to the most aging part of your face and not in a way you may like.

Shimmery/Glitter eyeshadows on crepey eye lid
Glitter eyeshadow on crepey eye

Can you see the little less than tight skin on the eyelid in this photo? Does it standout to you? I can see it, in fact, it draws your eye there. While it does bring light to the eye, it isn’t exactly what you like to bring attention to in this particular way.

I am not saying that, in fact, you can’t where glitter or shimmer on a maturing eyelid, quite the opposite, placement is key. Glitter or shimmer placed on the center of the eyelid lightly can make the eye look more rounded and bring light to the eye in a good way. A very small amount in the inner corner of the eye can make the eye look more awake. Remember a small amount.

Shimmery eyeshadow

Shimmery/Glitter eyeshadow on mature eye lid
Shimmery eyeshadow on mature eye lid

Can you see the shimmery eyeshadow on this picture? The picture quality isn’t so great and it is an old picture, but lots of maturing women are still applying shimmer all over the eyelid the same way today. That along with the liner coming down a bit too far and making a harsh line (a soft line would be beautiful) isn’t as youthful of a look as it could be, but the lashes are lovely.

Sheen eyeshadow

Sheen Eye Shadow
Sheen Eye Shadow

If you really feel that you can’t give up your shimmery eye shadow for matte or you want a fancier look for a night out (and who doesn’t) then perhaps try a sheen eye shadow. You still get the light catching effect of the shimmer/glitter eye shadow, but much softer. Can you see the difference from the first picture or the second to this one? Besides the color. And yes, there is still lines in the eyelids. They didn’t magically go away, but it makes the eye lid look more uniform so you notice the beautiful eye shadow instead. You are still getting the light catching effect as well.

Matte in the crease or right above the crease for hooded eyes

You will also notice that there is a matte in the crease. Even if you don’t wear any other eyeshadow this alone does wonders for maturing eyelids. It makes the eyelid appear to recede where the matte eyeshadow is placed. That is wonderful if the skin has gotten a bit crepey or baggy in that area. There are a million pictures of do(s) and don’t(s) to make eyes look better and most of them are just using matte eyeshadow along with good placement to make certain areas of the eye receded. The technique of apply matte eyeshadow to certain areas also gives a much more youthful appearance to the eyes.

Makeup can be so fun and eye shadow isn’t permanent so play, experiment with what is right for you. You earned this age, enhance it.

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