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Protecting your lips from aging

Lip Balm with sunscreen (Protecting your lips from aging)

It should be no secret that lips can show your age as much as the eyes and the neck. They take a lot of abuse. The lips are usually even more unprotected then your facial skin. Lips also show dehydration quite quickly as well. So, you should be protecting your lips from aging and dehydration as well.

Lip Balm with sunscreen (Protecting your lips from aging)
Lip Balm with sunscreen

Sun protection for you lips

I am not saying, please use this brand. You can use any brand that you like, I haven’t tried enough of them to recommend. I do like the Melaleuca brand of Lip balms, but Burt Bees have a great lip balm with some sun protection as well. And a lot of others lip balms are now containing sunscreen or sun protection.

I have even picked up some great ones at my local farmers market.

Variety of uses (not only for protecting your lips from aging)

You can use lip balm in a variety of ways. In a pinch, on the top of the checks, ears and nose. if you feel that the sun has hit those areas a bit too harshly and you don’t have anything else with you.

I have a friend that uses them on her eyebrows to keep the hairs in place. Yet another, that freezes them and then takes them with her if she is going out in the sun all day.

Melaleuca Sun Shades
Melaleuca Sun Shades

The best of all, lip protection is also a great anti ager and it is one of the simplest thinks you can do. Not to mention it is also inexpensive, not time consuming and convenient to take with you everywhere. It can’t be easier.

It can’t be easier, which means there is no excuses for not protecting your lips from aging.

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