Under Eye Brightening/Correction Concealers

One thing, I have noticed is that the inner part of my eye is getting darker. It could be due to getting older but it could also be a lack of sleep. I don’t think it matters why, just that it is happening. That is where under-eye concealers come into play.

Eye Brightening Concealers (IT cosmetics, Pixi and Becca)
Eye Brightening Concealers (IT cosmetics, Pixi and Becca)

Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector

Becca Under Eye Brightener
Becca Under Eye Brightener

This concealer is a lightweight, light peach-colored cream. It is very creamy and emollient. It comes in only two color choices, light to medium and medium to dark. That is probably because it is meant to brighten and correct darkness under the eyes, not completely cover them.

The number one ingredient is Castor seed oil and humectants.

It works well with the dry skin under my eyes. Becca Under Eye Brightener also brightens up my under eyes quite well. It isn’t a miracle worker but I haven’t found anything that is, but it certainly makes me look a lot more awake. This brightener doesn’t pull on the skin and it is very blendable. It works for all ages and skin types.

My daughter and I fight over it, mainly because I don’t think her under eyes need it and it is $32.00 for .16oz, Ulta (states it is $32.00 for .2 oz but I think they are just rounding up because Sephora’s website states it is .16oz) as well. That would be $200 per ounce, fairly pricey. This isn’t unusual, most under-eye products have a higher price point. Supply and demand, I would suppose.

It Cosmetics – Bye Bye Under Eye Corrector

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Concealer
IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Concealer

This concealer is lightweight, easy to blend like the Becca Under Eye Brightening Concealer but it isn’t as creamy. I have it in the color medium, so that color isn’t as peachy. It is more skin toned.

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Concealer does come in other colors, such as light and rich. The “light” looks a bit more peachy, so I might have gotten the wrong color.

Although it blends out to be the same as Becca and Pixi, so perhaps not. I don’t want the raccoon look, which is one of the mistakes that makes people look older. Ulta has is for $29.00 for .17 oz, which is $170.59 per ounce. It is only $3.00 less than the price of Becca. So it just goes to which one you prefer.

You might prefer this one for the ingredients, as with all of IT Cosmetics’ products there are a lot of ingredients. The ingredients are great for skin care, including peptides, collagen, niacin, hyaluronic acid, cucumber, green coffee extract, aloe, and avocado.

The Becca one, however, seems to be more brightening to me and more creamy, which makes me feel better in the winter when skin can be drier.

However, if you want another alternative that is cruelty-free and paraben-free, at a more budget-friendly price point.

Pixi Correction Concentrate

Pixi Correction Concentrate
Pixi Correction Concentrate

This concealer is lightweight and has a bit darker peach coloring than the Becca Under Eye Brightening Concealer. However, you really don’t know it, as it blends in to be about the same color. I use the color Brightening Peach.

It is a touch less creamy and seems to be a bit more lightweight compared to the others.

It is emollient and it works well on maturing under eyes. It is not a dupe to any of the others, the ingredients are different. But the products are similar in how they look and what they do. It is .1 oz for $12.49, which makes it $125.00 per oz., but still a $19.51 difference.


They all come in pot packaging. The Becca and the Pixi are in glass pots and the IT cosmetics product is in a plastic pot. I don’t love pot packaging, only for the fact, that it is hard to get all of the product out of the sides. If you are using your fingers, you have to make sure your fingers are clean or you will spread bacteria. You can use a brush, which keeps it more hygienic. I prefer to use my fingers because the heat from the fingers seems to blend the products into the skin seamlessly.

Of course, the biggest deciding factor is which one looks better on you. We all know it isn’t going to matter the packaging, ingredients or slight difference in color if it works. If it works, you will pay whatever, even if it is an eye brightener.

However, an eye brightener can make a huge difference!

Eye Brightening Concealers (IT cosmetics, Pixi and Becca)
Eye Brightening Concealers (IT cosmetics, Pixi and Becca)


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