Nyx Epic Eye liner, Physician Formula, Eyeko Eyeliners (Liquid Eyeliner)

As I have gotten older my eyes are getting droopier, which is something that I don’t appreciate at all. I have found that liquid eyeliner works really well at help me achieve a little upward flick at the end of my eyelid to make them look just a tad bit less droopy. I mean anything helps.

A liquid eyeliner can also help the upper lash line look thicker and more youthful. Not to the extent that false eyelashes make your eyes look bigger, thicker and more youthful. But if you do wear false eyelashes (that you put on yourself), liquid eyeliner can cover the lash band.

Finding a great liquid eyeliner is not as easy as one might think. Some are:

  • not dark enough
  • smear on the upper eyelid
  • don’t draw in over eyeshadow well
  • fade very quickly
  • go on too lightly in the first place
  • goop up
  • dry out to quickly
  • starts out well and then nothing


I decided to compare, NYX Epic eyeliner, Physician’s formula Eye Booster 2-n-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum eyeliner and two of Eyeko’s eyeliners (Eye do and Black Magic).

Now I have tried all of these at different times and have had really no trouble with them going on dark enough on the naked eye lid and they all seem to have quite a good following and great reviews. So that is why, I decided to put them all to the test for staying power, ease of going on over eyeshadow at the same intensity, ease of lining the eyelid and color payout.

Nyx Epic Eye liner, Physician Formula, Eyeko Eyeliners (Liquid Eyeliner)
Nyx Epic Eye liner, Physician Formula, Eyeko Eyeliners

Color payout for liquid Eyeliner

Nyx Epic Ink Liner has the best for color, it is definitely the darkest out of all of them. The lightest is Physicians Formula. Not that they aren’t all pretty black when you put them on your eyes. You really don’t notice too much, but when you are comparing definitely NYX is a rich, dark black.


Physicians Formula and EyeKo Eye liners all have ingredients to enhance the lashes. I can’t find percentages of these ingredients for any of these brands, just that they are in there. I also have no idea if these ingredients are even effective in such a small amount.

Over eyeshadow color payoff

Two are great in this area, Nyx and Eyeko Black Magic. I have no problem with them going on with strong color even shimmery or glitter eyeshadows. I would say the Eyeko Eye do would be the same, but the one I got this time, just doesn’t do very well. I think I may have just gotten a bad one this time, because I have used it in the past and it has done quite well or maybe they have changed the formulation.

Staying power, ease of use

They are all great at that, you can’t lose with anyone of these, which is kind of why I picked them. I don’t like any that are hard to use and I want them to stay on once I put them there. I don’t want transfer to my upper lid. Although, that may have something to do with where you live as well and the oiliness of your eyelids. I know humidity can really have an effect on transfer and so can extremely oil eyelids.

Price points

Below I have a chart for the price point and some other important information regarding these eyeliners.

[table id=5 /]

The thing I was most surprised about was the EyeKo is actually a better price point than the other in this comparison. And if you get it on one of Ulta’s 21 days of Beauty sale, it costs less than in the chart.

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