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Clinique Superbalanced Makeup

Clinique Superbalanced
Clinique Superbalanced
Clinique Superbalanced Makeup

This is in my top five favorite foundations. Clinique Superbalanced makeup is a foundation for every skin type or whatever skin type you skin has decided to be for the day.

Clinique Brand

As most people know, this brand is free from parabens, phthalates and fragrances. It doesn’t formulate products with known irritants. Clinique does a lot of testing on different skin types with different allergies or skin issues. So it is a brand for sensitive skin and has been since 1968.

What it is like

Clinique Superbalanced Makeup is light and silky. It blends very well into the skin for a more natural look. Clinique Superbalanced Makeup is medium coverage. It isn’t as long wearing as some foundations, so if you want it to go for 24 hours. This one is not for you. This foundation evens out your skin tone and your dry patches and absorbs up oil on your face.

Who is it for

Clinique Superbalanced Makeup can be used on mature skin and on younger skin and it looks beautiful on both. It doesn’t sink into my fine lines and wrinkles. My daughter has used it for years. It looks beautiful on her skin as well.

Peeling or irritated skin

It is wonderful for your skin if you have started on a retinol product and you are having some peeling in areas. This foundation didn’t irritate any already irritated areas and the peeling skin didn’t look as bad as it did with other foundations.

Price Point

It is $27.00 for 1 oz and at Ulta it comes in 11 shades, but on the Clinique website it is in 20 shades. It really isn’t a bad price to have a foundation that is so clean with ingredients and has an SPF of 15.

If you want more
Clinique Superbalanced and Clinique Beyond Perfecting
Clinique Superbalanced and Clinique Beyond Perfecting

As stated this is going to give you a more natural look and you will be able to see some skin imperfects, but just blurred. If you want more coverage, Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer is probably more for you. It does settle in to fine lines a bit more on me, but not so much that I don’t like it. However, I don’t like it quite as well, probably because I like more of a natural skin look. This one is full coverage. It is $29.00 for 1 oz at Ulta. It comes in 26 shades.

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