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Iconic Blush(s) (and ones very similar)

The Balm-Hot Mama and Nars - Orgasm

One of the things that can make you look more youthful are “rosy cheeks”. Blush can also had need life (color) to your face. There are some beautiful iconic blush(s) that work on every skin tone and look amazing to had that touch of youthful color to your cheeks.

Remember a touch, don’t get too heavy handed with the blush, It can age you really quick. We have all seen it, you see the person’s checks coming at you long before you really see the person. Blush will make you look more youthful, less tired and more healthy looking, if applied fairly lightly and in the correct area.

“Cheek color shouldn’t be limited to the apples (no one blushes only on their cheeks). I always blend a bit into the hairline, along the jawbone, and on the tip of the nose to create a more natural-looking, all-over hint of color.”- Francois Nars, Founder and Creative Director of NARS Cosmetics

All blushes are not created equal, some are too chalky, glittery, not the right color or not enough color payoff. So, I am going to be talking about some iconic blush(s) and ones that are very similar to them.

Nars Blush – Orgasm

Nars Blush - Orgasm
Nars Blush – Orgasm

Nars – Orgasm Blush is an iconic blush, almost every skin tone looks great in this blush. It is a peachy-pink color with golden shimmer, not glitter. Shimmer. Everyone that I know, that has tried this blush, loves it. It just imparts a heathy glow to the skin and it has lasting power for my combination skin type. It is a classic and has stood the test of time. I believe it always will, I guess, that is why it is iconic.

Nars Blushes, all come in their typical Nars packaging, which isn’t bad packaging at all. It has a silicone feel to the outer packaging and the compact is a hard plastic. It has a good mirror with a magnetic closure. This compact works great for travel or to throw in your makeup bag on the go.

At Ulta, Nars Blushes are $30.00 for .16 oz and Nars Blushes are also at Sephora.

I have a blush that is so similar to the Iconic blush Orgasm, but it doesn’t contain talc. It is The Balm – Hot Mama. Don’t you just love that name?

The Balm – Hot Mama

The Balm - Hot Mama!
The Balm – Hot Mama!

Just look at how cute that packaging is, just so cute. The Balm does so well with their packaging for being creative and fun. The packaging is made to resemble a book and has cardboard packaging to match. It has a magnetic closer and an average size mirror for the packaging. It is an okay mirror, but there is one, so that is something.

The color is, of course, Hot Mama! And it is a peachy- pink with golden shimmer. (Sound familiar? Yep, almost exactly like Nars – Orgasm). It is oil-free, talc-free, paraben free and non comedogenic.

What is best about it is the great color payoff and the color compliments most skin tones. I have an olive skin tone and one of my daughters has a lighter olive skin tone, not done yet, my two other daughters have fair skin tones. It looks good on all of us.

It is $20.00 for .25 oz on the Kohls website. You can also purchase it on The Balm’s website for $20.00 for the .25 oz,. So it is the same price as the Nars, but more product. However, The Balm will have 50% off sales on their website from time to time. So if you like their products sign up for their email to receive notification about their sales. Hautelook also has The Balm products from time to time at a discount price, so keep an eye on there as well.

Comparison of Nars Orgasm and The Balm – Hot Mama!

The Balm Hot Mama! and Nars Orgasm
The Balm – Hot Mama! and Nars – Orgasm


The packaging is quite different. Nars has a better mirror, but not by much and it is just a mirror after all.

You can wipe off the Nars packaging a bit easier, but I haven’t found that I get The Balm packaging too dirty. I think the silicone packaging of the Nars might attack more finger prints.

Both close well and I have had no issues with taking either on the go.


The Balm - Hot Mama Blush and Nars Orgasm Blush
Color of The Balm – Hot Mama Blush and Nars Orgasm Blush

The Balm – Hot Mama does look a bit more peachy than the Nars – Orgasm. The both have gold shimmer, not gold glitter. They both are finely milled and don’t look chunky or stick to dry patches on your skin (if you have any). To me, both apply the same.


L- The Balm Hot Mama Blush R- Nars Orgasm Blush (swatches)
L- The Balm Hot Mama Blush R- Nars Orgasm Blush (swatches)

I believe that the two are really close in color.

Now, I know this blog post is getting fairly long, but I was looking in my drawer and I thought someone is probably wondering about Milani’s Luminoso Blush, which has been compared a ton to the Nars – Orgasm Blush.

Milani Luminoso Blush

L- The Balm Hot Mama blush, M-Nars Orgasm Blush and R - Milani Luminoso Blush
L- The Balm Hot Mama blush, M-Nars Orgasm Blush and R – Milani Luminoso Blush

This swatch is on my underarm which is a different skin tone, but as you can see Milani’s Luminoso is a lot more peachy than the other two and to me it doesn’t have as much light golden shimmer. I do like it on my skin tone but it isn’t quite as flattering as the other two for me. I do use it and it is a great blush. So if you think you will like that color. Get it. It is a great blush for only $6.99 at Target for .12 oz. Fantastic price for a really good blush.

L- The Balm Hot Mama blush, M-Nars Orgasm Blush and R - Milani Luminoso Blush

L- The Balm Hot Mama blush, M-Nars Orgasm Blush and R – Milani Luminoso Blush

Here they are again, on my hand which has a darker olive skin tone and they all look fairly close, but the Milani is more peachy in color.

If if you are looking for a color that has more pink in it and some gold in it from Milani, I would go for Berry Amore. It is at Target for $6.99 for .12 oz. I haven’t tried it but it looks closer to the Nars – Orgasm to me.

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