Matcha Green Tea Skin care for Mature skin
Matcha Green Tea Skin care for Mature skin
Matcha Green Tea – Skin care ingredient

Matcha Green Tea is an excellent ingredient in skin care, it has so many qualities that are great for skin care for all ages. However, it has a lot of attributes for mature skin.


Matcha Green Tea can exfoliate and eliminate dead skin cells on your skin. Aging skin needs this, skin that is not exfoliated looks older because a layer of dead skin cells is hanging on to the top of our skin. Much longer than it did when we were younger. That layer of dead skin cells also doesn’t allow for our serums and lotions to absorb where it needs to, to benefit your skin. Exfoliation is absolutely essential for anti aging.

Inflammation – rosacea, redness and uneven skin tone

Matcha Green Tea is great for these skin conditions as well. It contains anti-inflammatory properties, which helps with redness in the skin. It reduces the irritation in the skin from using harsh products as well.


Matcha Green Tea stimulates elastin production, which adds volume to the skin. If that isn’t enough good news, it is a free radical scavenger on the skin. Free radicals damage the skin and prematurely age the skin.


Matcha Green Tea absorbs oil from the pores in your skin. Tannins in the tea, reduce the production of oil and shrinks pores. You may think that would dry out older skin, but it doesn’t. Deep in the pores of mature skin is oil that enlarges pores, which still happens as we age. This tea gets down in those pores and reduces that oil. So, this helps with what is called “orange peel skin”, that because a problem for maturing skin.

Matcha Green Tea is also great for adult acne. You would think, you wouldn’t have to deal with this as you age, but surprise…you do. So helping with acne and not drying out the skin is a great bonus in this ingredient.

Sensitive skin

Matcha Green Tea is also very gentle on the skin. It is natural, not chemical. It can be used as an alternative to Vitamin C, if you are sensitive to Vitamin C. Most sensitive skin doesn’t have reactions to this ingredient, which makes it a exceptional ingredient for mature, sensitive skin.

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