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L’oreal’s Unlimited Mascara

Loreal's Unlimited Mascara
L'oreal's Unlimited Mascara
L’oreal’s Unlimited
Mascara (applicator)

L’oreal’s Unlimited Mascara has finally made it to the US market and I am so excited to try it out. It has a very unique packaging, a bendable handle or applicator. I am sure you have seen makeup artist bend the mascara wand to reach every lash or remove too much product from the wand. Now there is no more configuring the wand.

Do you think I will get full lashes like on the package, even though I have thin, stick straight lashes? I am a bit challenged at applying mascara. It should be easy, I know it is just mascara. However, I still after all of these years, get some on my eyelid and have to remove it. We all know this product will probably not change my mascara dream too much, but I can have hope.

I am hoping that the formula in L’oreal’s Unlimited Mascara is similar to L’oreal’s lash paradise. Loreal’s Lash paradise mascara is a great formula, but I don’t appreciate the fact that it dries out so dang quick. I have to use waterproof, because I tend to tear up a lot these days and the waterproof also help to keep the curl in my eyelashes.

I choose blackest black for two reasons, I have dark eyelashes and this was the only color in waterproof on Ulta’s website. Yep, it was pretty much chosen for me. It was $12.99 so that is a little higher for a L’oreal mascara. The lash paradise is $9.99 and you can usually find it on sale somewhere. I couldn’t find the L’oreal’s Unlimited Mascara anywhere in the stores yet and believe me, I looked. I have been looking for quite sometime. So I had to order it and wait, but hopefully, it will be coming to all stores soon. (I did find it at target now, it is $10.99 for it and the Lash paradise is $7.99 there)

How big of a deal is mascara in general?

Yes, mascara is a big deal. Even people who aren’t wearing any other make up will wear mascara. According to (see chart below for sales for a 52 week period ending in June 2018), sales for just one of L’oreal’s popular mascaras was 71.4 million dollars in sales for the above period of time per the Statista website. As you can see that is just a portion of the money being spend on mascara. So having a great mascara is not only an advantage to the brands but to the consumers as well. – mascara stats

Mascara is also a product that tends to go bad, dry out or malfunction fairly quickly. You can only use them so long and it is time to get a new one. If you find one you really like you tend to become loyal to that mascara and keep repurchasing that same one. So, it is really important to find a good mascara, after all you will be repurchasing it at least 4 to 5 times a year and probably more.

Not to mention that having beautiful lashes is one of the top beauty trends at the moment. It makes you look more youthful to have thick full lashes and “brings out your eyes”.

That is why there is so much money being spend on faux eyelashes. It is not uncommon to hear that I have my fauxies on or I have an eyelash appointment.

Trying it out for the first time

For the pictures:

I used Tarte Lash Curler and L’oreal’s Unlimited Mascara (see photo 1). Then in the next two photos, I have one coat of the mascara on my one eye. I don’t think it did a bad job. It didn’t have the most full lashes to work with in the beginning, so you can’t expect miracles.

No, it doesn’t look like the picture on the box. I have never had it look like the picture on the box, ever. But overall, it did a nice job on what it had to work with on my lashes.

I am not great at selfie pictures, I don’t really like selfie pictures. I will try to get better. Well, I can’t promise, but practice will probably help. I don’t use filters or any kind of magic, obviously.

For right now, I will continue to use this mascara and see if I get better at it. It was a little different using the angle of it, not going to lie. But it really did work well at reaching all of the lashes. I really like it for the bottom lashes. The real test is if it flakes or runs. I hate flaking, it is never nice to put all of the work into getting your makeup perfect and then these little black flakes appear under your eyes.


I do like it. It isn’t really a thickening formula, but it isn’t a bad mascara. I haven’t had it flake or smear. It actually reminds me of my MAC In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash Mascara, which is $24.00 at Ulta. So, yes, I will be purchasing this instead of my MAC mascara. However, I will still be looking out for a thickening mascara.

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