Touch Bright & Clear Cream (Azelaic Acid, Niacinamide, Kojic Acid and Tranexamic Acid)

Azelaic Acid

Azelaic Acid is a yeast that lives on normal skin. It belongs to the family of dicarboxylic acids. It is not a scary acid, it is a light exfoliant. There has been a lot of research on this product, but it is still not very clear why it works. It is thought to have an antibacterial effect on the skin. Most people don’t care how it works or want to spend the time reading the studies on their skin products, they just want to know that it works. It does, and for just about everyone.

Experience with Finacea

RX only Finacea Gel 15%

My dermatologist prescribed Finacea Gel in 15% for my moderate rosacea. I was advised to put it on my face every other night in a pea-sized amount. I will admit that it did burn at first. It burnt so badly for about 3 minutes, I thought I would have to take it off. I didn’t and I am glad I did not. (The burning only lasted for about 3 minutes and for about the first two weeks of use.) That may not be everyone’s experience, I have sensitive skin and rosacea as well.

It had a beautiful effect on my skin. It not only helped with my rosacea, but it also helped with the clarity of my skin. My skin looked so much clearer and more radiant.

My daughter also used it for some acne on her forehead and the blackheads on her nose. It cleared it up beautifully for her as well. The drawback is the prescription was $112.00 with insurance. That is really pricey especially if it is considered to not be essential. (Some creams are that price and they don’t work as well so you have to decide for yourself). I did love the effects enough to get another Rx, but I was on the hunt for another product with this beautiful ingredient at a more reasonable price.

Why you should seek out Azalaic Acid

Azalaic Acid works on rosacea, hyperpigmentation, swelling or irritation, acne (all types). It works on the overall clarity of your face. That is why I think it is definitely an ingredient to seek out especially if you can find it at a great price point.

Azalaic Acid in general has a lot of research out there is very promising, that it will work on a lot of people… young and old with outside effects. It is safe to use during pregnancy. I haven’t found anything that it can’t be paired with as of yet.

There was an article in titled New Insights Into Azelaic Acid by Joshua Zeichner, MD, which was interesting regarding its effect on rosacea and hyperpigmentation. There are also some clinical trials in Europe that showed its effectiveness on melasma.

OTC Azelaic Acid products

Most products that I found were out of Canada. I didn’t find any that were even close to as effective as the prescription. They were greasy, grainy, fragrance filled, and some even caused more problems with my skin. I was so disappointed because this really is a wonderful, ingredient.

Using The Ordinary’s Azelaic acid Suspension 10%

I decided to try The Ordinary’s Azelaic Acid Suspension 10%. This formula isn’t as creamy as the Rx and you can definitely feel the silicone. It does sink into the skin without a greasy feel. The silicone didn’t clog my pores or cause any skin issues. The rosacea seemed to stay about the same (but my rosacea was under control from the prescription at this point).

I have to be honest, it doesn’t work as well as the Rx. However, for the price point, I think it works well. It will take longer to get the results of the prescription, but you don’t have the irritation that I got from the Rx (at least I didn’t).

As you know, as we get older our skin doesn’t behave as it used to, by any means. You have to weigh out if your skin is so out of control that it really needs the prescription or if you can wait for the Ordinary’s product to work on your skin. It may not work for everyone.

Touch Skin Care’s Bright and Clear

Touch Serum Azalaic Acid
Touch Bright & Clear Serum

This is the one that I was using in the morning with my serums along with my Vitamin C every day. I loved it so much for brightening my skin and keeping it free and clear. It was helping fade my hyperpigmentation (along with Retinols at night). This product help with any light bumps, white heads and helped with keeping my hormonal acne on my chin area at bay. My skin was looking so good. I was so happy.

I even wrote a whole post on this product. It has simple but effective ingredients no extra skin clogging items added and affordable.

Then I couldn’t find it anywhere. It was gone. I was so disappointed. There was nothing that I could find that was exactly like it on the market. I was ready to go back to the derm for a rx, but before I did that I contacted the company. They stated they were reformulating it and it would be back on the market soon.

Bright & Clear Cream

So I waited and waited, it seemed to take forever. But it was finally back. Bright and Clear is now in a cream form and I think it may be even better than it was before, if that is possible.

I use it now in the morning after my serums before my moisturizer. It doesn’t pill up under my moisturizer and I have had no problem with it by itself under foundation or tinted moisturizer as well.

I also use it at night after my Retin-A and I haven’t had any issues using it that way either. It has niacinamide, which most skin gurus claim should be in the moisturizer that follows your Retin-A at night. (I still use other moisturizer on top of this cream. Retin-A is drying on the skin).

I can’t say enough about what this does for your skin. It just keeps your skin in a healthy, great condition. So basically, you will have your best skin.

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